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Tabletop World Stone Bridge

This just arrived in the post today, about an hour after I made the first post on this new Blog (I’m taking it as a sign that this Blog is meant to be 😉 ). Look at this kit. Just look at it..! (and you can now see how I’ve painted it here)

Tabletop World Stone Bridge

Stone Bridge 003

Stone Bridge 004

Stone Bridge 002

I think that this is a stunning piece of scenery. You have to see the detail to believe it. It’s a resin kit by  a company called Tabletop World.  Their products are premium (and the price point reflects this), but I have to say that i think this was worth every last penny.

I backed Secret Weapon’s Kickstarter to get their Rolling Fields gaming boards (the Stone Bridge is at on one of these tiles in the photos). The Rolling Fields set gives you 24 one foot square injection-moulded hard plastic gaming boards, allowing you to have a six by four foot gaming table with a nearly endless variety of lay outs.

Eight of the boards are river sections, so I’ve been looking for over a year for a good stone bridge to use with them. I’d found some acceptable pieces, but none of them were wide enough to accommodate a troop or regiment in Kings of War (KOW)  which are mostly have a 10cm wide frontage. I bought a mdf kit to get (reasonably) nice side panels for a bridge and made my own surface for it , wide enough to accommodate  even a unit of cavalry in KOW. My kitbashed bridge would suffice, but I’ve never been too happy with how it looks and have never used it in a game.

Then I saw this kit by Tabletop World. I was blown away by it and given how expensive it is, I ‘ummed and ahhed’ for a while, thinking that it probably wouldn’t be as wide as I hoped. Then I found out from comments on Facebook that the bridge was 10cm wide at its narrowest point. Meaning I can fit a unit on it, as you can see.

Stone Bridge 008

Decision made. I just had to have one.

Okay, the bridge isn’t wide enough to accommodate cavalry (or a KOW unit on 25mm bases such as Orcs), but it looks so good – who cares!?

Here’s some more images to show you the detail. Even the interior of the building is fully detailed.

Stone Bridge 011

Stone Bridge 010

Stone Bridge 009

Stone Bridge 014

Stone Bridge 013

Stone Bridge 012

Stone Bridge 017

I’m going to give some careful thought as to how I paint this. I’ve got to do it justice. 🙂


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3 responses to “Tabletop World Stone Bridge

  1. mister c ⋅

    As an orc player I think its rubbish. Though my Kingdoms of Men and, eventually, goblins will enjoy it.

    Seriously, a lovely bit of kit that I look forward to crossing on the battlefield.

    Liked by 1 person

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