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Tabletop World Windmill, Painted

I’ve always liked windmills. I’m not sure why; maybe it’s the striking silhouette. I love the one in Sleepy Hollow by Tim Burton and for some time now, have thought it would be great to have a windmill as a piece of scenery for the wargaming table.

I’d seen a couple of mdf kits which were okay, but which didn’t quite ‘speak’ to me, and a plastic kit at my local model that I very bought, even though the scale wasn’t really right.

But then I saw this. Search over 🙂


This windmill is a resin kit by the outstanding Tabletop World, who produce the stone bridge I’ve already painted. Whilst it doesn’t have the gothic silhouette of the windmill in Sleepy Hollow, this is a superbly detailed piece and I absolutely love it. Each individual stone is detailed and the four sails are each unique, with lots of detail like frayed and torn fabric and loose ropes. The roof has nice touches like missing shingles.

Here’s the kit freshly unboxed:

Tabletop World Windmill 1






And here’s a shot of each elevation of the Windmill:





And some close ups showing off the superb detail Tabletop World have put into this kit:







The sails are quite , so storage and transportation of the kit will require some care. I originally thought I may glue the top section to the tower and then magnetise the four sails so they could be removed for storage. However, there isn’t much surface area to drill into at the end of each sail, so I’ve glued all four sails to the top and have magentised the top so it can be removed from the tower.

I’m looking forward to my first game of Kings of War with this on the table.

Thanks for reading! 🙂



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3 responses to “Tabletop World Windmill, Painted

  1. mister c ⋅

    Another nice piece, now I am wondering what else you got from them.


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