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The Hills Have Eyes (Painting Games Workshop Modular Hills)

I’ve acquired two sets of Games Workshop’s modular hills over the last couple of year (one bought at retail and another second hand) and one of GW’s ‘standard’ hills (also second hand).

Today I finally got around to removing the flock from the second hand pieces, so that I can get them painted up and flocked to match my Secret Weapon Rolling Fields gaming boards .

A quick soak in hot soapy water and some judicious scrubbing with wire wool turned this

WIP Hills 001

into this:

GW Modular Hill WIP 2

The two sections on the left are the ones i’d bought at retail, undercoated in the same brown I used on my gaming table. The scrubbed hill looked like this:

WIP GW Modular Hill 3

So you can see I had three different colours of hill to crack on with. Some Vallejo chocolate brown and my airbrush soon sorted that out:

WIP GW Modular Hill 4

WIP GW Modular Hill 5

And after airbrushing on some stone colour (sandy brown, to match the general Yorkshire Stone feel i’m going for instead of the usual grey) and then shading it with two tones of darker colour, the hills ended up looking like this:

WIP GW Modular Hills 6

I’ve added a wash of army Painter soft tone ink over the stone sections, which is currently drying by the boiler, under the stairs.

Drybrushing to bring out detail and adding the flock is going to have to wait until tomorrow, as I’m off to Skipton for a friend’s 40th birthday bash tonight, so i’ll post another update when they’re finished.


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