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The Hills Are Alive, Er Undead..? Painted Games Workshop Modular Hills

The hills are 99.9% finished now and ready to give my Undead some better sightlines to some tasty brains (or cover from pesky cannon fire).

Finished Hills 001 Finished Hills 002

I finished them by drybrushing them all over with a sandy colour, using a one inch emulsion paintbrush, then drybrushing the more prominent rocks (using a standard drybrush) with a bone colour to help make them pop.

Two colours of flock were then added. Firstly PVA glue was then daubed over where I wanted the flock to go and the mid green colour added using a puffer bottle. This was allowed to dry for a minute, before the excess flock was tapped off and retrieved. A dark green flock was then added here and there by hand, pressed down using a piece of kitchen roll and allowed to dry for a minute before again; the excess flock was removed and retrieved.

I added tufts here and there for  a bit of extra effect, mainly in nooks and crannies between rocks.

The hills were then left for a couple of hours until the glue had dried and the flock fixed into place with a good coat of hairspray. Yes, you read that right; hairspray.

It’s a tip i read on a forum somewhere a year or so ago and it’s the method I’ve used to fix the flock on my Secret Weapon Rolling Fields gaming boards – which has worked so far. And hairspray is a heckuva lot cheaper then spray varnish.

The only slight downside with using hairspray is that the unflocked, painted areas end up with a glossy sheen to them , but this is easily fixed by brushing on a quick coat of matt varnish, which is the 0.01% of the job left to do. I would never try to use hairspray as a replacement for varnish on my actual miniatures, but it does a good job of fixing flock into place.

I’m happy with how these have turned out and pleased to have achieved a different effect to the usual ‘gray drybrushed over black’ rocks. Looking forward to my next game of Kings of War and giving (at least some of) these hills their first outing on the tabletop.

Finished Hills 004Finished Hills 003


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  1. mister c ⋅

    Looking very nice there sir.


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