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Minion Miniatures Flesh Golem

Feeling  a bit rough today, sore throat, sniffles, helluva cold no doubt on the way, but something arrived in the post to cheer me up.

Last November I backed Minion Miniature’s ‘Monsters of the Underdeep’ Kickstarter campaign. This resulted in several great large miniatures – a Troll Patriarch, Lizardkin Deathscale (big nasty lizardman!) Bugbear Ironshield and the gribbly undead beastie I was interested in; the Flesh Golem.

The Bugbear and Flesh Golem each have several optional parts. With the Flesh Golem there’s a variety of heads, arms and shoulder pieces to choose from. I opted for a wicked claw arm, a wonderfully yucky tentacle arm, spikey bone shoulder piece and the best of all ; a truly lovely (by which I mean gruesome) head with  a split/slipped face, inspired by the 1982 film The Thing (one of my top 3 all time favourite films).

Here’s the individual components:

Flesh Golem 001

How to Build a Monster…

Hard to see the detail I know, especially on the head, as it’s cast in a paler resin than the other components.

Which brings me to the nitty gritty. This is a resin kit, manufactured IIRC by Zealot Miniatures on behalf of the creator, Minion Miniatures. The model is top quality, very nicely detailed and a very, very crisp sculpt, with little to no flash that required removing. Took me less than five minutes to clean the model up and about the same to glue all six pieces together:

Flesh Golem 2Flesh Golem 3

Here’s a (blurry, sorry) photo of the Golem next to a troop of 28mm Mantic Games Revenants to give you a sense of how big the Golem is:

Flesh Golem 4

I love that tentacle arm. Very icky:

Flesh Golem 5

Spectacular Tentacular

I’m planning on having the Golem as the centrepiece/unit filler for a regiment of Zombies for use with my Undead army for Kings of War. Should look pretty striking.

I also bought this shield from Minion’s Bugbear kit:

Bone Shield

This is big, almost as tall as the Golem. Not going to tell you what I’m planning on using it for just yet. 😉

Go and take a look at the other arm and head options for the Golem on the Kickstarter pages and the other kits that Minion Miniatures funded through their campaign. A second Kickstarter is planned to begin in the coming weeks, with a superb Zombie Hulk as the main attraction. Guess I’ll be backing that too!

Minion Minatures Facebook page:

Original (now closed) Kickstarter Campaign:

Flesh Golem

Time to Put Your Head Between Your Legs and Kiss Your @ss Goodbye..?


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3 responses to “Minion Miniatures Flesh Golem

  1. mister c ⋅

    Truly awesome (in the original sense of the word).

    it almost seems a shame to hide him (it? Her?) away in a unit, couldn’t it count as a Zombie troll or something?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I know what you mean. The only alternatives I can think of from the Undead Army list are, like you say; Undead Trolls, or maybe a Wight, now that they’re large infantry. I’ve got three regiment’s worth of Zombies assembled, one that was/is due to have the Flesh Golem in it’s midst, another with a Reaper Undead Troll and the third with a GW Plague Cart – all essentially acting as unit fillers to make each regiment look different from the others.Think I need to blu tack everything in place on regiment-sized bases and see how they look…


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