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Mounted Necromancer for Kings of War W.I.P

I’ve been working on a second Mounted Necromancer for my Undead army in Kings of War. This is a kitbash of some Mantic and Games Workshop parts I had spare and is a bit of an ‘out there’ concept:

Mtd Necromancer KOW 001

“Forwards, my pretties, FORWARDS!!!”

Mtd Necromancer KOW 005Mtd Necromancer KOW 004

Mtd Necromancer KOW 006

I’ve taken the spare part from a second hand (and incomplete) GW Plague Cart kit i bought at a gaming show and put it to some use, using Mantic Zombies so that my Necromancer is being carried into battle by two of his (no doubt super-charged, possibly with the Surge spell..?)  creations. I wonder how much Horse/zombie power they generate.

I’ve finished the base coating and shading on the models and just need to finish the base and add the highlights and detail. I quite like the idea of the Necromancer being carried by two Zombies, whilst cracking his whip to encourage the horde in front of him onwards.

I know it’s not very practical and that two Zombies probably couldn’t manage this feat, but what the heck. I just had the idea and ran with it.


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