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Zombies for Mantic Game’s Kings of War

I’ve been painting  a lot of scenery lately and seeing as this blog is titled Vault of the Undead, not Vault of Hills n’ Woodland, I thought it was time to get more photos of my Undead Army posted here. Today; Zombies.


Zombies (3)

Zombies (2)

Zombies (1)

These are all photos of my Zombie Horde for my Kings of War army. It’s one of the first units I painted up. One of the things I particularly like about the Kings of War rules is that you don’t remove models as the unit takes casualties (damage is instead noted using a marker next to the unit). This allows you to multibase your troops. Instead of having each figure on its own 20mm x 20mm base, you can glue them directly onto a larger base (as long as it’s the correct footprint for the unit it represents from the army list). This means that you can make each unit into a mini diorama.

That’s certainly what I’ve done with this unit. I had a clear picture in my head of how I’d like the horde to appear as if they were pouring out from the gates of a cemetery. I bought a piece of Games Workshop’s Garden of Morr kit on Ebay and with the addition of a few Renedra gravestones and a custom cut mdf base for the great folk at Warbases ( I had everything I needed.

Zombies (4)

Zombies (5)

Zombies (9)

Some of the inspiration for this unit comes from the film Return of the Living Dead  – one of my favourite movies. As such, there’s a couple of nods to ROTLD. Firstly, there’s the yellow zombie just left of centre in the pictures above (like the cadaver that comes running out of the freezer in ROTLD and ends up having his head sawn off). Then there’s this guy, at the back of the unit, behind the wall:

Zombies (6)

Do ya wanna paaaartaay..!? It’s PARTY TIME!!!

Who is my nod to the last shot of ROTLD with the skeleton bursting out of the grave. There’s also a tribute to Zombie Flesh Eaters, with a rotting arm clawing up from the graveyard dirt:

Zombies (7)

This Zombie horde is (supposedly) 40 strong. One of the joys of multibasing is being able to use ‘unit fillers’ to give a sense of diorama and save you from needing to buy or paint quite as many actual troops. (there’s only actually 19 zombies in this unit).

You can bring an even bigger unit of  Zombies to the table in Kings of War; a Legion, which is 60 strong. I have three regiments of 20 Zombies which I’m currently assembling. I’m going to make sure one of these is based on two bases to allow me to plonk them at the back of this horde and use it as a Legion. I’ll make sure there’s plenty of headstones on the bases so that it fits thematically with the Horde and looks like one huge  jailgraveyard break. BRAINSZZZ!!!!


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7 responses to “Zombies for Mantic Game’s Kings of War

  1. mister c ⋅

    Your bit about basing a regiment in two to expand a horde into a legion is exactly what i plan to do with my goblins

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yep – with a bit of careful planning there’s still a lot of flexibiity to be had from multibasing dozens of troops. (Now to plan tactics for the downfall of a Legion of Gobbos…) 😉


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