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Revenant Cavalry for Mantic Game’s Kings of War

These are my  Revenant Cavalry by Mantic Games for my Kings of War Undead army:

Revenant Cavalry

They’re a full Regiment of 10, multi based as two Troops of five, so I have maximum flexibility in my options for selecting my army.

Close ups of the unit Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer:

Revenant Cavalry (3)

Revenant Cavalry (4)

Revenant Cavalry (5)

You can clearly see the motif I’ve chosen for my army here; a rose argent, or White Rose. I use water slide transfers for the shields and have hand painted the rose on the unit standard. The White Rose is a nod to my adopted home county of Yorkshire and I’ve written it into a set of background fluff for my army, which I’ll post on the blog sometime soon.

I like the design of these miniatures, especially the partially decayed steeds:

Revenant Cavalry (7)

I’ve used gloss varnish on the steeds’ exposed muscle to make it glisten and look raw. The Revenant’s armour is painted in bronze tones, with a green wash to give a verdigris effect. Plumes and cloth are painted purple. This is to contrast with the skeleton units (i’ll post images of one of these next) who wear ‘normal’ metal-coloured armour and have green and brown clothing. The Revenants look more ‘royal’ and antique in comparison and I’ve painted these cavalry and two regiments of Revenants on foot using the same colour scheme.

This is the second of the two Troops, no Champion, Standard or Musician here:

Revenant Cavalry (8)

and a last shot of the full Regiment, thundering into combat.

Revenant Cavalry (1)


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