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Mantic Games Skeleton Warriors

Mantic Games Skeleton Warriors

These are the first miniatures I painted for my Mantic Games Kings of War Undead Army. I originally tested out a red and silver ‘romanesque’ colour scheme, but that didn’t fit with the background fluff for my army that was slowly developing in my head. I ended up going for more naturalistic green and brown colours, with red accents.

I’ve multibased this unit, so I can use it as either a Regiment or two troops. I could also expand the unit up to a 40 strong Horde, whilst keeping the command section front and centre.

Mantic Games Skeleton Warriors 2

This is the second Troop, seen in the rear of the photo above:

Mantic Games Skeleton Warriors 3

I like the variety of hand weapons these miniatures offer; swords, sickles, hammers, axes.

Mantic show necromantic energies as being purple in their artwork and studio painting. I’ve gone for a sickly green colour instead. You can see it here on the bell hanging fron the unit standard:

Skeleton Hand Weapons (6)

And again in the rear of the unit, where a skeleton is bursting up from the earth:

Skeleton Hand Weapons (5)

This skeleton has also been drybrushed so as to be lit from below with a green glow, but you can’t really tell from this photo.

The bell on the banner came form my bits box, part of the Games Workshop Warhammer Zombies sprue. I also put a sinister looking … well  I can only say gong (?) from that kit to good use for the unit’s musician:

Skeleton Hand Weapons (4)

Not the best of photos, but you can (hopefully) see the gong has a flayed face attached to it. And this skeletal chap is whacking it with a bell. Tuneful. 😉

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