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Howl at the Moon: Mantic Games Werewolves


Here’s my Werewolves for my KIngs of War Undead Army. The miniatures are by Mantic Games. Mantic’s studio painted these up in mostly flesh tones (complete with blue tattoos!) so the only furry bits were the heads, groins and backs of arms and legs. Different; but the baldy look didn’t really grab me, so I’ve tried to paint mine to look furry.

I have six werewolves in total, enough to make two Regiments of three or a Horde of six. The other three haven’t been painted yet.

I’ve gone for grey tones for this Regiment and intend to use brown for the second one. Let’s take a look at each ‘Wolf  in turn;

Werewolves (3)

Werewolves (4)

With these being larger miniatures than the standard Skeleton or Revenant, they don’t come ‘stood’ on a integral circular base. This gives more flexibility in basing them, so I took a couple of pieces of slate chipping from the front garden and then used the hot water technique to reshape the legs and feet of the Werewolves that would be stood on these so they were balancing nicely. The miniature was then pinned into place on the slate.

These miniatures are made from “Restic” a resin plastic mix that Mantic used a lot over the last couple of years whilst they were having quality control issues with their hard plastic sprues from China. Some people say they like it, others hate it. I personally prefer hard plastic over restic, but the one advantage it does has is this. If you dunk the miniature into some very hot (just off he boil) water, the material softens so that you can repose the miniature. You can either let it cool naturally or dunk it into some cold water to help it set into its new pose more quickly.

Werewolves (5)

Werewolves (6)

I’ve tried to paint the eyes on these werewolves so they look like they’re flashing the way a cat’s eyes do when caught in light. I didn’t use a green colour (didn’t want them to appear lit from within by necromantic energy like my Skeletons or Revenants) so I’ve panted the orange with yellow pupils. Does it work? Maybe si, maybe no… There’s a fallen headstone on the base of the ‘Wolf above, to help tie in with the Zombie and Ghoul units, who very much look like they’re advancing through a graveyard (more on the Ghouls in a future post).

Werewolves (7)

Werewolves (8)

This third Werewolf is my favourite in the Regiment. I wanted to pose one so he looked like he was really winding up to punch/claw somebody’s face off and I think I just about nailed it. This is also the mini on which my paintjob has worked the best. You can see the thin strokes of lighter colour on him which I applied to try and give a sense of a furry texture.


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3 responses to “Howl at the Moon: Mantic Games Werewolves

  1. Alex ⋅

    They look great! I’ve been looking around the net for wolves that are sculpted without a lot of fur but painted to look that way as I play Wrath of Kings and that’s how the werewolves are in that game. Would you post up a bit about how you did them like colors used, etc?

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    • Hi Alex, thanks very much 🙂 I’ll make note of the colours I used and then post a bit about the technique used later this week for tyou (I’m busy most nights this week wedding planning with my fiancee).

      My second batch of werewolves are due on my painting table next, so I’ll take step by step photos and post them up on my blog too.


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