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Forgotten City: Secret Weapon Tablescapes Tiles W.I.P

Several months ago Mr. Justin from Secret Weapon emailed me offering me a selection of additional Tablescapes tiles on a first come first served basis.

I’d previously bought a full set of Rolling Fields Tablescapes tiles from Secret Weapon’s Kickstarter – enough to give me a full 6 foot by 4 foot gaming table, made up of 24 one foot square hard plastic tiles. Eight of these are river section tiles. The set’s great (photos coming soon) but you have no choice other than to have a river running through the set up.

Not a hardship, but when I saw that among the surplus stock being offered by Secret Weapon was a set of 8 Forgotten City tiles, it was a moment of serendipity. I ordered them asap and was lucky enough to get them. So once they’re painted up, I have the option to replace the river sections with Forgotten City tiles, or combine in all sorts of ways giving me even more choice in how I set up my gaming table.

Here’s the 8 tiles in an early stage. Here, I’d undercoated using Army Painter Skeleton Bone spray, then given a base coat of light brown with my airbrush and sprayed dark brown on the dirt sections that cover the flagstones:

Forgotten City Tiles 001

Here’s a few quick shots showing the details and lovely raised detail on several of the tiles:

Forgotten City Tiles 005

Forgotten City Tiles 004

Forgotten City Tiles 003

Forgotten City Tiles 002

And here’s the tiles with the flagstones and cracks on them airbrushed too. The tile at the top right is one of the completed Rolling Fields river sections, which I was using as a reference to get the colour of the rocks and stones right:

Forgotten City Tiles 006

The colours in this last photo look a bit odd as it was taken at night, but you can see the static grass which has been glued in place.

Forgotten City Tiles 007

I still want to add more detail, with tufts and more static grass in the cracks between flagstones and then I need to spray varnish over them all to fix the grass in place and protect the paint. I’ll also add some brush on matt varnish to the rocks, blocks and tombs, as they’ll get clipped a bit by units on the table and when the tiles are being stored, so they’ll need some extra protection. I’ve got tomorrow off work so hope to get it all done then. Photos to follow. 🙂


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2 responses to “Forgotten City: Secret Weapon Tablescapes Tiles W.I.P

  1. mister c ⋅

    Those would work great for Frostgrave


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