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Forgotten City: Secret Weapon Tablescapes Tiles – Completed

I finished my Forgotten City Tablescapes tiles today. They’ve been a long slog over the last three days, but only because there’s so much detail on them to paint. Here’s the finished tiles, laid out with some from my Rolling Fields set:

SW Forgotten City Tiles 007

And here’s some close ups showing off the detail in the sculpts:

SW Forgotten City Tiles 011

SW Forgotten City Tiles 010

SW Forgotten City Tiles 009

SW Forgotten City Tiles 008

Added to the Rolling Fields set, I now have a real wealth of options in how I set up my gaming table. I can remove the river sections entirely as in the photo above or this next photo:

SW Forgotten City Tiles 012

Or combine fields, rivers and ruins:

SW Forgotten City Tiles 013

As I was laying the tiles out to take the snapshots above, I was thinking “Well, I could put this tile here and that one goes well against the other there…” and generally finding that I have many, MANY options to lay out my gaming table to help give a bit of narrative to the battle played out on it. When combined with the hill, wall and fence sets I’ve now painted, my gaming table is beginning to come together nicely.

If you like the look of these Tablescape tiles, please visit Secret Weapon Minature’s website to see the full range. They’re a great product which I can heartily recommend:

The next piece of scenery I paint will be practice to get a dressed Yorkshire stone effect, so I’m ready to tackle and do justice to my Tabletop World Stone Bridge and Windmill.


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