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Rolling Fields: Secret Weapon Tablescapes Tiles

These are my ‘Rolling Fields’ gaming boards produced by Secret Weapon Miniatures:

SW Forgotten City Tiles 001

The 24 one foot square tiles make up a six foot by four foot gaming table, perfect for playing Kings of War. The tiles can be set up in many different ways, giving a lot of flexibility in the design of your gaming table.  And they’re PACKED with detail. Take a look at these close ups:

SW Forgotten City Tiles 004

SW Forgotten City Tiles 003

SW Forgotten City Tiles 002

SW Forgotten City Tiles 006

There are eight unique tile designs, but it was easy to add static grass in different locations in the multiples of a tile to make each one look different to the others.

I’ve bought some water effect product to add to the river sections, but am uncertain of how to best go about plugging each end of the river section tiles so the liquid doesn’t leak out. I need to do some more research before applying the product (and consider where i’m going to leave them out to dry so cat hairs don’t get in them…)

The tiles are held together by a clever compression clip system which is very good. The tiles in the first photo above are just laid side by side and are not clipped together. The gaps between the tiles are less prominent when the clips are being used.

I’ve (finally) finished my set of eight Forgotten City tiles to accompany these. More on these in my next post.


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