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Revenant King for Kings of War

This is a Reaper Miniatures ‘Barrow Warden Mystic’ which I’m using for my Kings of War Undead Army as a Revenant King.

Revenant King

I think it’s a superb miniature. I love the pose – very commanding and “Forward my Undead Legions!” It’s based on a 40mm round resin “Rocky Terrain” base by Model Display Products . I’d started to base all my KIngs of War characters on 40mm round bases, as it offers more room for  a mini diorama. However, since the 2nd Edition of Kings of War has been released, I’ve realised that square bases work better, so need to do some work getting the round bases onto squares. Nothing some epoxy putty, more paint and static grass can’t fix.

Revenant King (2)

I used the same colour palette for this guy as my Revenant Cavalry and infantry; green and purple with bronze armour. I didn’t apply a verdigris effect to this armour though, as I thought the King may have had better care taken of his armour by his underlings, so it wouldn’t appear as battered as that of the foot soldiers.

Revenant King (1)

I painted the crackling orb he’s holding in the green colour I’ve used for necromantic energy throughout my army. I drybrushed the King with green and yellow to try and give the effect of the orb casting a glow on him, which I think has worked quite well.

Revenant King (3)

All in all, I think this miniature is the one I’ve painted best in all my army to date. Or maybe that’s the giant undead dragon? I’ll get photos of that up on this blog next and you can make up your own minds.


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2 responses to “Revenant King for Kings of War

  1. davekay

    It is a good miniature, and I like the best. Your paint job brings out the best in both.


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