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Kaladrax Giant Undead Dragon by Reaper Bones

This beast is ‘Kaladrax’ , by Reaper Miniatures, from their Bones 1 Kickstarter:

Kaladrax 002

Kaladrax 003

Kaladrax 004

Kaladrax 005

It is  a HUGE miniature.  I’m told that it’s fully twice the size it actually should have been, as a mistake was made during production by the Chinese manufacturers. This is borne out by the size of certain details on the sculpt, such as an ordinary looking human skull, which is indeed twice the usual 28mm scale.

To give you an idea of the size, here’s a Troop of Mantic Skeleton warriors next to Kaladrax:

Kaladrax 010

Yip, blooming BIG! I’ve based Kaladrax on a custom made 15cm by 20cm MDF base from the good folk at Warbases. I pinned the “Bonesium” polymer base onto the MDF, filled any gaps around the edge with epoxy putty and added some slate chips, cork pieces and tufts to help Kaladrax’s base blend in with the MDF one. Here’s some of the details from the base:

Kaladrax 007

I love the treasure chest below. I kept some of the plastic gems scattered on the table at a friend’s wedding and glued them in place close to it. They’re the perfect scale to look like huge 28mm gemstones. You can just make them out below the skull and three coins.

Kaladrax 009

Kaladrax 008

With this base, I can use Kaladrax in my games of Kings of War, albeit rarely. I’ve also not glued her tail in place so that it can be removed when gaming to make her a more practical playing piece. I’ve only used her once so far, but it was cracking fun. She was destroyed quite early in the game (that huge base has its disadvantages when being charged) but she was a magnet for enemy attention the whole time she was on the table.

Rules for a Giant Undead Dragon in Kings of War V1 were from a list drawn up by a Mantic Pathfinder for large and monstrous creatures. I’m going to have to ask very nicely if similar rules for a Giant Undead Dragon could be drawn up for Kings of War V2.

Kaladrax herself has some great detail too, with pocked and pitted bones and coarse, wasted muscle under the skeletal structure. The sculpt doesn’t suffer from having been produced at twice the size it should have:

Kaladrax 011

Kaladrax 012

Kaladrax 013

I painted Kaladrax using bristled brushes, as I didn’t own an airbrush when I started work on her. I’ve never done so much drybrushing and layering of colours in my life as I did on her bones and wing membranes, respectively. She makes a great centrepiece for my Undead Army, even if she doesn’t get to come out and play very often 😉

Kaladrax 015


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6 responses to “Kaladrax Giant Undead Dragon by Reaper Bones

  1. mister c ⋅

    A superb figure and a true army centrepiece.
    I have seen her (him? it?) in the flesh, so to speak and had never noticed the extra gemstones. I shall have to look out for some of those, even if it means getting invited to a wedding.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Mister C. Now, if only we knew somebody who was getting married in the next 12 months…


  3. davekay

    I hadn’t heard the up scale story before but it makes sense. There is a massive disparity between the Kickstarter price and the retail price for Kaladrax, while the other large figures were much closer.

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. 3ft long tail to nose, great figure it`s about 10 years into my figure mountain.


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