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The Other One’s Guide to Painting: Mantic Werewolves Part 1

I’ve started work on painting my second Troop of Mantic Werewolves and thought I’d have a go at doing a step-by-step guide to how I paint them. My painting isn’t to Golden Demon standards, so I don’t think you’re going to learn any breathtaking painting secrets by reading this, but I hope you enjoy it.

It’ll take several posts to cover the whole process, so we won’t see the finished Wolves for a while yet, but every journey starts with a single step (or brushstroke); so here’s the assembled Wolves ready for painting.

Werewolf Troop 2 001

I’d started work on the base of one ‘Wolf whilst painting some other miniatures, hence the splash of colour on the middle one. The Wolves are based on three 40mm square bases, but with the changes made to the Undead Army List in Kings of War V2, I’m going to rebase them onto one 120mm x 40mm base.

My first troop of Werewolves have been painted in various shades of grey (no, not 50). You can see them here:

The base colours for these Grey Wolves are ‘Vallejo Model Colour’ 70.867 Dark Blue Grey, 70.870 Medium Sea Grey and 70.943 Grey Blue.

I’ve decided to paint my second Troop in shades of Brown, to contrast with the first Troop. I’ve started with airbrushing on an undercoat of Vallejo 70.873 US Field Drab:

Werewolf Troop 2 002I pulled out every pot of brown paint I have and chose three nicely contrasting colours that should (hopefully) complement each other. These were Vallejo US Field Drab used as the base coat, Vallejo 70.872 Chocolate Brown and an old Citadel colour: Vermin Brown and you can see them airbrushed onto the ‘Wolves in that order from left to right.

Werewolf Troop 2 003

I’ve painted the ‘Wolves’ mouths a deep red colour, as a base to add teeth and tongue detail later. The ‘Wolves also have prominent tufts of fur on their ankles, groins, backs of hands and forearms, faces and heads. I painted these using the Chocolate Brown for the Drab Wolf on the left and the Vermin Brown wolf on the right and a Dark Grey for the Chocolate Wolf in the middle.  I think that using colours from one wolf on others in the same Troop helps tie them together as a unit.

I basecoated the flagstone,broken grave detail and rocks (bits of cork) on the bases in the sand colour I’ve used on the bases of with other units in my Undead Army.  I added some extra detail to the Wolf on the left, adding a dismembered corpse to its base (from a nice little gory pack of resin pieces by Army Painter) and he’s clutching a Mantic Zombie head; so they’ve been basecoated in  a flesh colour with some dark red liberally applied around them ready for detailing later. The resin body parts no longer appear to be on army Painter’s webstore, so i’ll take a photo of them to show you in Part 2 of this Guide.

So that’s the three Wolves assembled, primed and basecoated. Here’s a better look at each one in turn:

Werewolf Troop 2 004

Werewolf Troop 2 005

Werewolf Troop 2 006

The next stage will be to add a wash to the Troop, which will really bring out their detail. More on that in Part 2

Thanks for reading 🙂


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