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Mantic Games’ Revenant Regiment

Here’s my Regiment of Revenants for my Undead Army:


I’ve painted them in similar colours to my Skeleton warriors; primarily green but where the Skeletons have brown boots and rags, the Revenants are purple, to make them look more ‘regal’.

The banner is a spare part from a Games Workshop Corpse Cart. Suitably gruesome for an Undead Army.

Revenants (3)

To further distinguish them from the Skeletons, the Revenants’ armour is bronze and has had a green wash applied to it to give a verdigris effect:

Revenants (2)

I based them up so I can split them into two troops of ten and in the future, I can paint up the rest of the Revenants I have and use them as a Horde of forty, with the champion, banner bearer and musician still front and centre.

Revenants (1)

Almost managed a lens flare from the white rose transfers on the shields here.

Revenants (6)

Revenants (5)

And a close up of the musician. Revenants don’t look like they have lungs to me, or lips – so I painted the horn with crackles of green Necromantic energy, to try and give it a more magical look.

Revenants (4)

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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2 responses to “Mantic Games’ Revenant Regiment

  1. mister c ⋅

    Those look superb, and i love the details like the necromantic energy in the horn.

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