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Mantic Game’s Zombie Trolls

Today I enjoyed visiting the Recon gaming show at Pudsey, just outside Leeds. I bought myself he new Uncharted Empires Army supplement for Kings of War (the Night-Stalkers look VERY interesting. I think my Undead Army may end up with some as allies…) a Reaper Bones Evil warlord (who will in time become a Wight for my army) a second hand GW mounted Vampire for my bits box and something that I hadn’t realised was actually available yet – Mantic’s Zombie Trolls.

These are three metal miniatures (RRP £19.99, got them at the bargain price of £17) with separate heads and arms, so there’s some variety in building them. I’ve assembled mine slightly differently to the ones on the packaging:

Zombie Trolls 001

As you’ll see, you get one arm clutching a chunk of stone, another with a staff/piece of wood and the others are empty handed. You can’t really see the detail in the bare metal of these photos, but there’s some suitably icky exposed muscle, bone, guts, sagging skin and general ruin. They should paint up nicely (and you can see how they turned out here)

Here’s a look at each Troll I’ve built in turn. Bit blurry, but this is my favourite of the three. I think he looks to be shambling forwards with particular intent and attitude:

Zombie Trolls 002

This Troll’s got a proper Zombie shamble on, both arms outstretched and he’s leaning forwards a lot more than either of the other two. Bit of an eager beaver:

Zombie Trolls 003

I feel this last one has something of a ‘Shamanistic’ feel to him, because of the staff. I didn’t want his other arm to be dangling down by his side, but with it raised he looks a bit like he’s casting a spell. Not sure I’m that fond of this and I already have an Undead Troll Shaman from Dungeon Saga. The raised arm might get repositioned…

Zombie Trolls 004

Speaking of Dungeon Saga, the Undead Troll from Dungeon Saga fits in nicely with these metal Kings of War Undead Trolls:

Zombie Trolls 005

In Kings of War you can have a Regiment of three Zombie Trolls or a Horde of six. In addition to the four Trolls above, I have a Reaper Undead Troll, so I just need one more in order to be able to field a Horde.

I’ll be multi-basing my Zombie Trolls in two Regiments of Three. I’m thinking that my first Regiment will comprise (from the left) the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Trolls in the photo above, so I end up with a rock wielding Troll in each Regiment.

I like these miniatures a lot and expect they’ll be up for painting in the very near future 🙂



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