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Cthulhu Wars Miniatures

What’s all this “Ia!” then..?

Cthulhu Wars 001

It’s the remainder of my Cthulhu Wars Kickstarter delivery! I received the core game quite a while ago and now all the extra pieces have arrived, including some fantastic miniatures. Here’s the goodies straight out of the three boxes:

Cthulhu Wars 002

And all laid out. So… not much, then 😉

Cthulhu Wars 003

I received the ‘Opener of the Way’ faction expansion (a whole new faction to add to the four in the core game the purple miniatures in the photo ), the ‘Great OId One ‘sets 1 & 2 (large grey creatures at the back), 22 plastic gates to replace the card stock ones from the core game, limited edition dice, superior card stock faction sheets, a host of Kickstarter freebie collector’s edition models (dark red), Asenaith Waite player marker and yes, I bought the t-shirt too.

Cthulhu Wars is an EXCELLENT game. I may be biased , as I’ve been a fan of Lovecraft’s work and the Call of Cthulhu RPG since I was a teenager. However all my friends who have played the game seem to share my opinion too, so you don’t have to be a Lovecraft fan to enjoy the game.

If you are though – wow. Just WOW.The quality of the finished product is superb. This is reflected in its price point, but it’s a premium product and for me – worth every penny. Here; I’ll let some of the miniatures do the talking:

Cthulhu Wars 004

Cthulhu Wars 007

Cthulhu Wars 005

Cthulhu Wars 014

Cthulhu Wars 012

Nice touch having the Star Vampire’s victim writhing on the base

Cthulhu Wars 011

Cthulhu Wars 013

Cthulhu Wars 015

Cthulhu Wars 008

The dice on the right  have ‘Miss’ , ‘Pained’ and ‘Killed’ results (top to bottom in the photo above)  The plastic gates are great. They’re cleverly designed so that all size of monsters can fit onto them:

Cthulhu Wars 009

This is my favourite though – Abhoth the Source of Uncleanliness. Properly gribbly!

Cthulhu Wars 016

If I tried to add photos of ALL the miniatures, this would be  a looong post, so i’ll leave it there for now. I’m going to go and have another good look at them all. 🙂



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2 responses to “Cthulhu Wars Miniatures

  1. mister c ⋅

    Looks excellent.
    I’m sure we will get a game in soon.


  2. Definitely! Some of these miniatures could be good for a Kings of War Night-Stalkers army 🙂


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