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Wights for Mantic’s Kings of War

These are my regiment of Wights for my Kings of War Undead army. I haven’t used Mantic’s own miniatures, as the original figures looked far too underwhelming to me. Their new Wight miniatures are far better, but I’d bought and painted these well over a year before Mantic released them.

Wights 001

These miniatures are ‘Barrow Wardens’ by Reaper Miniatures. They aren’t really the right size for Large Infantry in Kings of War (they’re not as big as Werewolves, for instance) but they certainly look meaner than skeletons or Revenants and don’t look too swamped when multi-based on this 40 x 120mm base.

Wights 005

I’ve painted them in bronze armour and added more verdigris to them than my Revenants, to make them look more ancient. Their robes are green to further tie them into the colour scheme of my army. Here’s a look at each Wight in turn.

Wights 002

Wights 003

Wights 004

Wights are pretty nasty in games of  Kings of War and I always take a Regiment of them.

I have a fourth Barrow Warden and recently bought a Bones figure that with a head swap, will look the part for a fifth. Once I find a sixth, I’ll have enough for a second Regiment/be able to field a Horde of them *Mwu ha haah!*


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