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Games Workshop Warhammer Scenery Deathknell Watch, Painted

I’ve been painting scenery in all my hobby time so far this year. I enjoyed a game of Kings of War on New Year’s Eve and whilst my army was (almost) all painted, my scenery collection was the exact opposite.

I’ve been itching to crack on with painting my Table Top World Stone Bridge since I bought it in September, but thought it would be wise to have a test run at painting something else first, in the kind of colours I wanted to use for the bridge.

So I’ve  painted up the Games Workshop kit Deathknell Watch:


I wanted to have a Yorkshire stone effect for the stonework, to fit in with the White Rose motif of my Undead Army. I feel that I pretty much nailed it with this kit and I’m happy with how the stone effect turned out.


I airbrushed the entire model in a sandy colour and then picked out individual blocks of stone in several different colours, adding varying amounts of grey, green, brown and bone  to the base colour to get a varigated effect. The Army Painter Strong Tone ink wash I daubed over this did a fantastic job of  shading the paint and giving a lovely effect.


There’s lots of nice detail and texture on this model, with the stone blocks, wooden walkways and doors and the rocks at the base.



The kit comes with a mechanical, skeletal mechanism, which is supposed to be the signalling mechanism for the tower. I wasn’t too fond of this, so I’ve replaced this with a telescope from my bits box


A nice touch with this it is the hidden surprise inside the base of the tower -a swirling mass of energy with skulls in it:


I painted this in a ghostly green colour, to match the colour of the necromantic energies of my Undead Army. I gave the energy a gloss varnish effect, to further make it stand out from the rest of the model. I’m still not sure I like it, maybe I’ll give it  a coat of anti-shine spray. I can always brush on more gloss varnish afterwards.


On the whole though, a great little kit and I’m very happy with the paint job.


It also gave me the confidence to start work on the Stone Bridge,which I actually finished today. More on that in my next post 🙂



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