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Mantic Games Zombie Trolls Painted

After painting nowt but scenery since just before Christmas, when I finished painting my Tabletop World Stone Bridge a fortnight ago,I was itching to get on with painting up ome more infantry for my Undead army.

I could have opted for my Soul Reaver Infanrty or Soul Reaver Cavalry,but I’m still deciding the best colour scheme to use for them (it’ll be some combination of dark grey/ black and red a la the recent Luke Evans Dracula film) so I decided to jump in with my Zombie Trolls instead.

And here they are,hot off the painting table:


These were fun to paint,with lots of open wounds and exposed bone. I’d better point out that the Undead Troll on the left is a plastic miniature from Dungeon Saga and the two other Undead Trolls are metal miniatures from the box set. I didn’t use the third metal Troll as he has a piece of wood in his hand that makes him look a bit to much like Hoggar (IIRC) the Undead Troll Shaman from Dungeon Saga. I’ll be using him as a necromancer, so used the plastic Undead Troll to add a bit more variety. (You can see all three of the metal Undead Trolls in an earlier blog post here)

Here you can see more of the open wounds;


These Trolls really look like they’ve been through the wars.

Here’s a quick peek at each in turn, starting with the plastic Undead Troll. This miniature is the most detailed of the three. The design of his head differs a bit from the metal Undead Trolls, or maybe he’s just a bit more decomposed.


Next up is my favourite of the three. I feel like I managed to assemble this miniature so he’s in quite a threatening pose, lurching forward with a serious look of intent (and a bit of bad ass attitude):


I love the eyeball hanging out of its socket too. Last up is the other rock wielding Undead Troll:


The metal Undead Trolls were nice and easy to assemble and having separate arms and heads, you have some good options to position them in different ways if you were to buy more than one box of ’em.

I’ve multibased these guys on an mdf base from Warbases, added a couple of Renedra gravestones to tie them in with my other Zombies and the rest of the base is sand and cork ‘rocks’ glued and fixed in place with PVA glue and then a few tufts and some leaf material.

Last shot for you. I like to think that maybe they’re wondering who’s trip trapping over their bridge…


Thanks for reading! 🙂


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  2. mister c ⋅

    Those look suitably nasty. I can’t wait to face them on the table, well I can, but you know what I mean….

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