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Deadzone Battlezone Scenery – Ruined Med Centre

Today I’ve finished off my ruined Med Centre for Deadzone. When my Battlezone scenery arrived , I planned  a few buildings that I thought would form part of a colony -a command centre, garage, storage depot, tavern and med centre.

I love my Zombie movies and  am one happy gamer that a Deadzone can be filled with the things. Of course, every good Zombie outbreak needs a source and I reckoned the Med Centre should be it. So here’s the mine. At first glance everything seems okay: IMG_7362


But then when you see the side and rear of the Centre, something’s definitely not right:



Gaping holes, rubble, exposed rebar, burn marks. Wonder what went on inside? let’s take a look:



I built the Med Centre so the roof can be removed, allowing miniatures to be placed inside. Not 100% practical for gaming purposes, but adding an interior was at least 50% for the fun modelling and painting it. It also (kind of) tells a story. Looks like there may have been a problem in the secure containment facility:


One of the med units is wrecked, there’s blood pooled on the floor and sprayed up the walls:


Maybe something escaped..? 😉

The rest of the Centre is largely okay. Some smoke damage, but still reasonably intact. Could be somewhere for survivors to hole up:





The resin medical bay scenery is by Spartan Scenics . I used about half of the set I bought in this Med Centre and am saving the rest for the interior of my Command Centre (but that’ll be a future post).

The exterior of the Centre looked a bit plain, with the white colour scheme, so I added a smattering of fly posting at the back of the centre to break it up a bit:


And some more blood spatter at the front:


I may not use this Med Centre too often in games of Deadzone, as it’s quite large, but it’ll be perfect for games of Warpath in the future 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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