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Mantic Game’s Soul Reaver Infantry Painting W.I.P

I oathed on the ‘Kings of War’ Fanatics Facebook page to paint my troop of Soul Reaver Infantry in March. I’ve been thinking of a red and black colour scheme to really help them stand out when ranked up with the rest of my army.

Rather than leaping in and starting the ‘production line’ process of painting all the Troop, I’ve test painted up a single model to pretty much a finished stage to see if I like the look of the scheme.





I think I’m happy enough with this look. There’s five different sculpts for the Soul Reaver’s bodies and I’m using a Reaper Miniatures Vampire as a unit champion, for a bit of variety. So I should be able to vary the amount of red plating so that all nine of the Mantic Vampires don’t look identical.

I think I’ll try and add some metallic colour to the scrapes and dents in the armour to make it look a bit more weathered.

I guess I’d better crack on with painting the rest of them, so I don’t end up as an Oathbreaker šŸ˜‰


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