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Kings of War: Undead Vs Orcs

I had a fun game of Kings of War this week. Bit of a last minute thing, so I threw together a 1000 point force that used some of my recently painted units such as Zombie Trolls and my second unit of Werewolves.

I set up a 6 foot by 4 foot board using a combination of my Secret Weapon Rolling Fields and Forgotten City Tablescapes tiles, along with the recently painted Deathknell Watch and Stone Bridge by Tabletop World. This was the first time I’d set up a board with my painted scenery and I felt very happy with how it all looked.





I tried to set things up to tell a bit of a story. The battle centered around an outpost on the edge of a sprawling, ruined city. A river marks the border between the ruined city and the open land beyond. A watch is kept over the ruins from a tower, in case anything ancient and nasty should come crawling out to threaten the nearby villages and farms. A stone bridge sits in close proximity, providing secure access over the river to the tower. A supply run has recently taken place, hence the barrels and crates by the bridge and tower.

I didn’t make any notes to provide a batrep, but put simply, I got my ass kicked. 🙂 By the end of  Turn 6, only my Necromancer was still left on the table, every other unit had been wiped out. I don’t think I made any serious tactical errors in my gameplay, it was more that I fundamentally chose the wrong tools for the job and had some crappy luck with dice rolls. My opponent Mister C wrote a good After Action Report which you’ll find on his own blog.

Here’s a few more photos of some key moments from the battle


Undead and Orcs glare at each other from their battle line


The Green Tide Surges Forwards



The Orcs Advance!


Zombie Trolls and Orcs Clash


Battle is Joined Across the Board


Wights Are Wiped Out By A Brutal Orc Sandwich


When Hordes Collide!

The game was great fun, despite my army being almost completely wiped out. Afterwards I drafted a new 1000 point army that I think would stand a better chance against the Orc army I faced. It uses quite a few units that I either haven’t painted or assembled yet, so it gives me some impetus to crack on with painting up some new units! Plenty more Kings of war fun to be had in the future 🙂


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2 responses to “Kings of War: Undead Vs Orcs

  1. mister c ⋅

    Yes it was a great fun battle, thanks for hosting and setting up your beautiful terrain.
    It’s always nice to have a bit of a background story to things as well. My Kingdoms of Men would look great fighting amongst the tower and bridge.
    I still can’t believe your (bad) luck though.

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