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Mantic Games Soul Reaver Vampire Infantry, Painted

I’ve finished the troop of Soul Reaver Infantry for my Undead army. These are an elite unit of Vampires . They’re a bit of a glass hammer in Kings of War, in that hit hard, but have a comparatively low nerve, so they can be routed quite easily.

I’ve opted for a red and dark grey colour scheme  with golden detailing, to make the really stand out from the rest of the army. I’ve replaced one Mantic miniature with a Reaper Miniatures vampire as the unit champion, for a bit of variety.




I tried highlighting the burnished red armour up to a light brown colour, topped off with a red wash, but for me, this looked too… fiery. It looked good, but I thought it was a look based saved for when I paint up my Abyssals.

Instead, I used mechrite red (an old Citadel foundation paint, now O.O.P) as a base coat for the armour, washed this in Army painter strong Tone Ink and then highlighted up with a bright Vellejo Red.I added some silver to the nicks and general damage to the armour to make it look more worn and highlighted rivets and other detail in brass and gold to make the armour pop a bit more. (fancy pants vampires with their fancy pants armour…)

Cloth visible between armour plates and capes are painted in a dark grey, drybrushed medium grey then white and with Army Painter Dark Tone ink brushed into the recesses for a bit of extra shadow and to blend the drybrushing to look  a little less grainy.

Here’s a couple of close ups:




No jokes about the size of his chopper, please…



The troop is multibased on a warbases mdf base that’s been textured with and and a few cork ‘rocks’, painted brown and drybrushed with a sandy colour. I’ve added a few tufts and some foilage too, to fit in with the other bases in my army.

I ‘Oathed’ to paint these guys up in March on the Facebook ‘Mantic madness’ group. There’s a painting challenge each month where you oath to paint any number of miniatures, posting a photo of the unpainted minis at the start of the month and the completed minis at the end. Those who succeed; Oathkeepers. those who fail; Oathbreakers. I’m pleased to be the former for my inaugural effort. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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2 responses to “Mantic Games Soul Reaver Vampire Infantry, Painted

  1. Cole Fournier ⋅

    I originally hated these models. The mantic paintjob looks terrible
    Yours however, fantastic, and makes me want to buy them!

    Liked by 1 person

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