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Wraiths for Mantic Games Kings of War Undead Army

These are my Wraiths for My Undead Army in Kings of war. Not one of them is a Mantic miniature, as I’ve cobbled together a regiment using miniatures from many different manufacturers that I’ve picked up in bargain bins and bitz boxes at wargaming shows or been given as a present (thanks Mister C).

Here’s a look at each of the two troops that make up the full regiment:





Each Troop is multibased and allows me to field two separate Troops or one Regiment. I’ve gone for a ghostly green/white glowing effect for my Wraiths, as it adds a nice splash of colour to the army, ties in with the vibrant green colour I use for the necromantic energies and more than anything else; I thik it looks kinda cool 🙂

Here’s a closer look at some of the individual Wraiths that make up each Troop:

This chap is a ‘Foundry’ mini I sourced from a bitx box at a show:


And this is the same mini as above, but with a GW skeleton head swap and some faces/flames (can’t remember from what) added to the scythe, which has had both ends removed:


Some minor titillation courtesy of Reaper Bones:


An old Mage Knight (?) mini, another wargame show bitz box special:


Another Reaper mini:


A quite spectacular (IMHO) Reaper mini. I LOVE the way the skeletal figures are intertwined with the ‘flames’:




And lastly, another Reaper mini:


I painted these by undercoating them in white then applying a couple of thin washes of Citadel Snot Green (O.O.P now but I have a pot that’s lasted for years) and finally, just in the deeper recesses, a wash of Thraka Green (ditto re O.O.P). Liberal drybrushing with pure white and finally white highlights applied here and there on raised areas. A simple but time consuming paint job, although i’m very happy with the end result. Some Renedra and Reaper gravestones help break up the sea of ghostly green and ties the unit in with others in my army, such as the Zombies and Ghouls (who i think I should feature in my next post).

Thanks for reading! 🙂




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