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Work in Progress: Undead Dragon and Cursed Pharaoh for Kings of War

Couple of peeks at my latest works in progress, an Undead Dragon / Winged Wyrm and Cursed Pharaoh for my Kings of War Undead Army:


This wee beastie is one of the Dungeons & Dragons pre painted battle game miniatures – a Dracolich, IIRC. It was a present from my friend Mister C, as I was looking for an Undead Dragon for my Vampire General. Quiteย  a brave present to buy, as Mister C would know he’d end up facing it on the battlefield. Still, that said, his Krudger on (Winged) Slasher has caused me enough grief in our games, so it’ll be nice to try and dish some out ๐Ÿ˜‰


I’ve cut the Dracolich off its integral plastic base and pinned it to a 50mm by 50mm mdf base courtesy of the good folks at Warbases. A bit of filler and some cork ‘rocks’ have helped the plastic base to blend in with the wooden.


I’m going to use this as an Undead Dragon for a Vampire or a Winged Wyrm for a Revenant King. I’ve popped a magnet into the neck of the Dracolich (can you spot it in the image above?) and will do the same with my Soul Reaver cavalry champion , so he can ride his horse or this dragon. When I’ve found a suitable mounted Revenant King, I’ll magnetise him too, so this Dracolich can be dual purpose. I’ve got a lovely looking Dragon complete with rider coming as part of Reaper Bones III Kickstarter, so that can take on full Undead Dragon duties when it arrives.

I’ve painted this Dragon/Wyrm the same way I did my Kaladrax bigature. If you don’t know what a Kaladrax is, or why i’m saying bigature and not miniature, you may want to take a look here and see. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve used Army Painter Bone as a base colour and Vallejo burnt red for the wing membranes, a wash of Army Painter Srong Tone ink over the lot and then drybrushing and highlights up to white for the bone and careful layering of highlights on the wing membranes. PVA and sand for the base, a few tufts and bits of poison ivy and tis miniature is pretty much done. just a couple of bits to touch up.

Here’s my W.I.P Cursed Pharaoh – a metal Reaper miniature.


Base coats, wash and basic highlights are all done, so now it finishng off the details and final highlights, followed by getting him based properly. I do like the integral Egyptian -style ruins that are part of the sculpt.


I’ll post up photos of both of the above when they’re completed, which I’ve oathed to do (a ‘Mantic Madness’ Facebook group thing) by the end of the month.

Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚



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