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Painted Vampire on Undead Dragon for Kings of War

Here’s my completed Vampire on Undead Dragon (you can see W.I.P images on this older post ):






This is a plastic D&D Dracolich miniature from their battle game, repainted and  with a Mantic Soul Reaver cavalry rider. I added a magnet to both rider and dragon, so the Vampire can be mounted on  either this dragon and his ‘usual’ horse.

I’ve used the same colour scheme for this Undead Dragon as I did for (the just a little bit bigger ) Kaladrax; check him/her/it out here.

I had to saw the dragon off its integral, round plastic base. It’s been pinned onto a 50mm square mdf base purchased from the good folk at Warbases. A few cork ‘rocks’, sand and some tufts hide the join pretty well:


You can just make out some of Army Painter’s Poison Ivy  in the hoto above, ‘growing’ up the side of the rocky column the dragon is perched on. This is great stuff. Adds a really nice touch to my army’s bases.


I’m looking forward to trying out this finished piece in my next game. let’s hope it doesn’t suffer the curse of the freshly painted miniature! Thanks for reading!



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