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Painted Cursed Pharaoh for Kings of War

Here’s the latest character to join the ranks of my Undead Army; a Cursed Pharaoh:





I’ve painted him in fairly standard Egyptian colours, with reds, blues and gold. This is a metal figure by Reaper Miniatures. I think it’s a great sculpt, full of detail and in quite a commanding pose, very “Forward my undead legions!” kinda thang.

There’s some nice detail in the bases of the sculpt. The Pharaoh is stood on some Egyptian style ruins, a carved block and a bust with a head dress (no, not that kind of bust, get your minds out of the gutter). I’ve added him to a 40mm round resin base that has some nice rocky detail and added a scorpion and a couple of scarab beetles from my bitz box (GW Tomb King extras).

One of the beetles is in flight, so I’ve mounted it on the base on a piece of wire, to try and show it flying. looks a bit like some kind of extravagant walking stick. I’m in two minds as to whether to leave it in situ or remove it. Time’ll tell.



The tip of the scorpion’s sting and (you can’t really tell in these photos) the mandibles of the beetles are painted in the vivid green colour I use for the necromantic energies of my army. I like the skull-like  effect on the beetle’s carapace in the left of the photo above.

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