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Painted Revenants with Two Handed Weapons for Kings of War

Ah, I love Bank Holidays. Got my feet up and a bit of time on my hands, so here’s a few photos of another of my Undead army units; Revenants with Two Handed Weapons:


Mantic hasn’t produced any miniatures to represent this unit choice yet, but I’ve created them for my army by using Mantic’s Basilean Paladins and adding heads from the Undead Revenants and Skeletons.

The Basilean Paladins are all armed with two handed swords, however I had a few weapons kicking around in my bits box from over the years,so I’ve been able to arm the unit with a variety of hefty looking instruments of destruction.

Take the unit champion- he has a whopping great Bastard Sword (which I.I.R.C came from a GW Mordheim sprue):


The standard is also from a GW kit, but I don’t know which one – it’s a piece I bought for 50p from a bitz box at a wargaming show. The lovely double headed morning star to the left of the banner is from a GW Empire Penitents kit (again I.I.R.C).

I’ve painted these Revenants the same way as my ‘normal’ unit and their cavalry counterparts-all have bronze armour that is quite heavily coated in verdigris. Cloth is purple and green and the banner bears the White Rose motif of my army.


The unit is multi-based in two Troops of ten, allowing me to field them as such or as a Regiment.This is the Troop with the ‘command’ figures:


And this is the rear Troop. Different weapons include a wavy bladed sword (no idea what the correct phrase is – thoughts anyone?) and a good ol’ fashioned scythe.


Same Troop, different angle:


And here’s a shot of the Regiment fro above. You can clearly see the two scythes and morning star here. There’s also a mace-wielding Revenant top left/ far left rear rank of the unit. It too a bit of planning and fiddling to get them all to rank up, but I’m pleased with the final unit.

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