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Deadzone Battlezone Scenery: The Soylent Shack

Here’s a little piece of scenery I’ve built for my games of Deadzone. It represents a fast food outlet selling Soylent Green and I’ve dubbed it ‘The Soylent Shack’. (I could really do with some graphics skills so I could create  a sign for it saying ‘Soylent Shack’ to go on the raised board at the top).


There’s a couple of vending machines on the side of the Shack (resin pieces by Ainsty Castings) where I imagine customers buy their cans of Duff beer or Nozz A La cola. Maybe some crisps and snacks too, like the new Soylent bar.

I reckon there’s special offers on a Tuesday at the Soylent Shack. 😉 The sign is something I whipped up using Microsoft Publisher, printed on paper and PVA’d in place.


The counter at the front is a piece of plasti-card, measured and cut to fit. I clipped the mullion out of the window and levelled off the bottom of the window so the counter sits flush and could be more easily glued in place.


The poster is something I found on t’interweb. I love the old fashioned feel it has. It’s been glued to a piece of plasti-card which has then been glued to the side of the Shack. I airbrushed some brown around the edges and edge-sponged on some black too, so it didn’t seem too crisp n’ white.


I gave some thought to the design of the shack so it looks functional. There’s a door at the back for the vendor to get in, an extractor fan on the top to remove those cooking smells and steam and a ladder to reach the roof for any repairs to the fan and signage.


Most of my Battlezone scenery is painted in a mucky ‘industrial’ yellow, with a few buildings in other colours (a garage in red, bar in tan, GCPS buildings in grey etc) so once I hit on the Soylent fast food idea, there was only one colour I could paint the Shack.

I used an old pot of Citadel Snot Green as the base colour, airbrushed this on and then added a layer of green Vallejo paint to brighten it.  I airbrushed on brown here and there to give it a weathered look and concentrated some brown along the base of the Shack, where dirt and dust have accumulated. I edge-sponged some black here and there too for a bit of extra grime, but you can’t really spot this in these photos.


There’s still a couple of things I’d like to do with the Shack to finish it off. A sign to go on the billboard would be great. I’d like something that looks like green neon handwriting on a black background saying ‘The Soylent Shack.’ I think the counter would benefit from a couple of bottles (mustard, ketchup..?) or utensils to add a splash of colour. Black Cat Bases do some great accessories like this (and ace, wacky stuff like brains in jars!). I’ll hopefully get around to both in the near future.

The Soylent Shack was totally inspired by these great pieces of scenery by  Deathwatch Studios.

Thanks for reading!


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