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Deadzone Battlezone Scenery- New Industrial Battlezone

My Deadzone:Infestation/Redux Kickstarter arrived yesterday and my favourite part of it (which is saying something when there’s such great new miniatures – Plague Abomination, anyone?) is the new Industrial Battlezone pieces. I’ve had fun examining them all and beginning to come up with ideas for how they can be assembled and mixed in with the other Battlezone sprues.

Interestingly, all the parts in this Battlezone are supplied removed from the sprue, including the connectors (which you get two bags of – not quite sure how one bag equates to a sprue of connectors yet; will have to do some counting). Now, if like me, you’re very fussy about removing stuff from sprues and on principle, don’t like the sound of somebody else having done it for you – let me put your mind at rest right from the start. These pieces have been very carefully removed, leaving just minimal flash to cut or file away. I’m actually quite impressed. Can’t say if the quality of the clipping is consistent across all Mantic’s stock, but considering some poor bugger is sat somewhere probably doing nobbut clipping these pieces from their sprues as a job all day long – they’ve done a good job of it on the sets I have.

I ordered two Battlezones of this Industrial kit. Here’s the contents of one of them:


The top six panels above have a good corrugated iron texture on both sides. Then there’s six mesh walkways and six mesh pieces that could be used as quarter-cube height railings/fences or as very narrow walkways around the edge of a cube.


There’s three doorways which come with separate  doors in the form of what look like pull down shutters. Very nice touch. You can see the separate shutter in the top left of the photo above. With a gentle bit of filing, these shutters should pop on and off the door frames so you can have open or closed doors in your games.

You also have three quite technical looking panels with some good dial and vent detailing. I’ve just realised details they have slightly different designs on each side. The photo above shows the same side of all three.


There’s three lovely panels that are raised on one side and sunk on the other (top row above). the raised part looks like an electrical junction box of some kind, complete with lightning symbol.  The sunken side has pipes and a circular handle.

Then there’s possibly my favourite part of the new Battlezone -the giant fans. These make me think of the film ‘Angel Heart’ every time I see them. The blades are separate pieces so you can attach all three to be a different stages of revolution. These would work well as wall or ceiling pieces.


On to pipes next and my only grumble about this new Battlezone. You get enough pieces to build three straight sections of large pipe and two curves. There’s some lovely end pieces (see the photo below for a closer look at these) to cap off the pipes and some quarter cube sized panels. There’s two designs; one with a circular gap that pipes fit into, so you can have them emerging from/entering a structure and another that would sit alongside one of these as a ‘blanking plate’.

There’s circular connectors, some purely circular (to cap off the end of a pipe before adding one of the four capping options below)  and the others with raised flat area that clips into special  connectors that you can use to support vertical (or horizontal) lengths of pipe).

And now for the grumble. You get a lovely ‘burst’ piece of pipe, a ragged end piece and a four way and a three way section. But only one of each. Useless unless you have bought two of these Battlezones, as you can’t assemble them as useful pieces – you need two of each.. Fortunately for me, I have bought two, but unless you have, you won’t be able to assemble either the four way or three way piece, nor the ragged end unit. The single burst half of pipe could always be added to one of the  six other straight pieces, but you would still have a piece left over. Hopefully Mantic will make these large pipe sections available separately from the main Battlezone (they were available during the Kickstarter IIRC) so people can easily make use of the junction pieces and the many splendid modelling opportunities they offer.


Now for more fun stuff – the conveyor belts.And an awesome generator. The genny is a two piece unit that clips together nicely without glue and is very detailed (there’s a close up photo of it at the end of this blog).

The conveyor belts is interesting. You get a corner piece, two shorter straight pieces and one longer one. You also get two small pieces that allow you to place the straight parts at at angle to the curved piece, so your conveyor belt can slope down or uphill. I haven’t studied it in too much detail yet, but after a quick muck about with the pieces I can say that one of the short lengths , placed at an angle to the curved piece, gives you a ramp of half a cube in height. Two of them raises the conveyor up to the height of a full cube, albeit two cubes in length. I haven’t quite sussed out the longer straight piece yet.I’ll try and get a better understanding of that tomorrow.


Next up; supports. You get six of a new design of half-cube height struts that sit into six feet (working across from the left in the photo below). Then there’s six full cube height supports that sit in narrow feet. These would work very nicely with the mesh walkway pieces. The half-cube height supports would be good for the conveyor belt.


Now for two REALLY cool bits. These are just two connectors that would help to link two wall panels together, but look at the designs – a computer terminal and overhead monitor screens. Lovely stuff that will be very useful for my W.I.P command centre (but more on that in a future blog post).


Front of the connectors


…And the back.


You also get three full cube height ‘power conduits’ that, like the buttress pieces in the Fortification Battlezones, allow you to connect two wall sections side by side. (left of the photo above). There’s a little engine/doohickey piece (middle and top of the photo above) which is just flat at the back and so can be added pretty much anywhere flat on your Battlezone tiles.

Then there’s narrow pipe sections; three straight, two small curves, one large, a four way piece and a three way. Plus six connectors that allow you to link the pipe sections together whilst elevated above the ground. These supports have pegs at the bottom, so they could be attached to the walls/floors/ceilings of your Battlezone structures.

There’s also (small grumble) a half of a fuel tank. this has a circular aperture that fits the narrow pipe, so you have your pipework start/end at this tank. However, it’s clearly designed to clip to a second tank piece to give you a nice, 3d fuel tank. But you only get one half in the Battlezone. *Grumble*

On the whole, though – this Battlezone is GREAT. And as you can see, you certainly get a lot for your money. I need to go and make some tea here in sunny Huddersfield now, as my fiancee’s stomach is rumbling, but tomorrow I may have some time to dry fit some test assembles and post them up in  another blog.

Until then,here’s a close up shot of that superb generator. Apologies for any typos, I’ll fix them after tea; and as always- thanks for reading 🙂



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4 responses to “Deadzone Battlezone Scenery- New Industrial Battlezone

  1. mister c ⋅

    Nice, I’m really looking forward to getting my stuff, and I wish I had ordered two battlezones.


  2. Tony ⋅

    Great write-up and good photos too, very detailed across the board.

    I totally agree with your gumbles and I have three more of my own to add:

    1 – The second quarter-sized ‘blanking plate’ tile should have been replaced by a second copy of the pipe-hole tile. Then, if you wanted to have a blanking plate, you could use one of the pipe end caps to achieve it, so you lose nothing but gain tons of versatility from pipe options and the ability to just have a small porthole to take pot-shots through. Besides, the blanking plate they included is a lazy design being half of the existing design for a half size tile which to my eye looks bogus in all wall/floor configurations I’ve tried so far. It’s not even in keeping with the industrial design of the rest of the kit, and they could have stuck with quarter mesh tile from the pre-production photos to at least achieve the right look if they took a second to think about it.

    2 – The small mesh railings are too long, so they cant be used on two adjacent sides of a tile without bending. This also stops them being used adjacent to any other tiles. Very disappointing for such a cool looking piece, especially as this is only the second handrail-type piece in the entire Battlezones range.

    3 – The conveyor belts… OH THE CONVEYOR BELTS! Such a cool idea and at first glance really nicely done. BUT, why did they have to make the treads on the belt uni-directional??? The chevron shaped treads might help get across the impression of movement, but it means your conveyor system can only have right turns and go up slopes, if you want down slopes or left turns you have to put up with the chevrons facing the wrong direction which (for me at least) totally spoils the effect.

    It’s these silly oversights which annoy me. Mantic make great products and the scenery range is fantastic overall and really innovative. But with just a little more time and care at the pre-production stage all of these issues could be solved to the betterment of the range. Now they will never fix these issues as the cost of adjusting a sprue is too great to be worth doing in Mantic’s opinion. This is borne out by the fact that the Expansion sprues from the first Deadzone Kickstarter are STILL being sold with a heinous design flaw in that the buttress pieces can’t be used with the up-armour section for the long walls because they miscalculated the length of the up armour. This in turn means it’s not even possible to build the Forward Strongpoint set which costs a cool £60… how they get away with that I don’t know.

    Can you tell I’m really wound up by stuff like this? 🙂 It’s only because I love the range so much, and I know that it’s a small step away from legendary greatness.

    As it is the new Industrial Battlezone is a worthy 4/5 for me, but it easily could have been a 5/5 with a little more attention to detail.

    PS – how cool would it have been to swap any single piece of this set for a step-down piece from large diameter to small diameter pipe?


  3. Dan ⋅

    Great blog post; thank you for laying all this out and explaining it. I ordered an extra set of the narrow pipes and gribblies, but really wish I’d gotten more of the large pipes as they seem severely limited when you only have one. I’m sure Mantic will be selling these separately in the very near future, so I’m not too worried.


    • Thanks Dan, I’m glad if it was helpful. I know what you mean re the large pipes – I have two sets and it still doesn’t quite feel enough. They’re bagged up separately in the Battlezone though, so I’m confident they’ll be available at retail sometime soon.:)


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