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Deadzone Battlezone Scenery – Watchtower

This is a four cube-high tower I built to add some good height to my games of Deadzone:


It’s painted in the ‘industrial yellow’ colour scheme I’ve taken a shine to. Most of my Battlezone scenery is painted in the same colour. I like it as it’s a good contrast to the grey of the gaming mats and the official colour schemes of most of the various factions. It looks suitably industrial and weathering effects such as dust, dirt and chipped paint show up nicely on it.

Here’s a few more shots of the tower, from various angles:




I’ve used a mix of sprues from the various Battlezone sets to construct the tower. I wanted it to have a fortified feel and the extra bulkheads and buttresses at the base of the tower give the feel of some nice extra ‘weight’ to the piece. I also thought the angled base makes it look a bit different.

I like the little balcony at the top and I ummed and aahhed over whether or not to add some ramparts to the very top of the tower. I thought they would look cool, but would limit use of the tower for having walkways leading to and from its top.

In retrospect, the tower is always the tallest structure in my games of Deadzone, so I should have added the ramparts in. I may do so one day, but I’ve so many other Battlezone pieces to paint and that’s before my Infestation / Deadzone Redux Battlezones arrive.

Speaking of painting; I painted the tower by spray undercoating it black. Nothing fancy – just matt black car paint from Poundland – smells awful, but acrylic paint adheres to it just fine.

I then use my airbrush to layer on Vallejo Model Air Tank Ochre (71.081), trying to not get an absolutely even coat . Once this has dried I airbrush on a layer of Citadel Averland Sunset (not sure they make this one anymore). Once this is all dry, I brush some slightly thinned Army Painter Strong Tone ink into the recesses, around rivets and along edges. You can see this in the photo below. This is a bit tedious to do, but it’s worth the time, as it adds nice extra definition and depth.


For weathering, I airbrushed some Vallejo Us Army Drab around the base and on the flat areas where the troopers would walk, to give the impression of trodden in dirt. I then edge sponge some black paint around the edges and  here and there on flat sections. I find edge sponging is far easier to do than salt masking and I prefer the results.

You can see the effects of edge sponging in the photo below.


Thanks for reading! 🙂


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2 responses to “Deadzone Battlezone Scenery – Watchtower

  1. mister c ⋅

    Yes, I prefer sponging to salt masking. The effects are similar, but its a lot less effort.
    Lovely terrain BTW, must get mine built.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wait until you have the new industrial battlezone pieces from the Kickstarter, they will be superb to incorporate into the existing pieces. I love the Battlezone kits – superb fun to plan, build and paint. 🙂


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