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Deadzone Industrial Battlezone

My Deazone Redux / Infestation Kickstarter arrived last week. It’s all great stuff but by far my favourite part of it is the new Industrial Battlezone scenery. I pledged for two packs of this and have had some fun over the past few days designing and building new Deadzone scenery with it.

Here’s what I’ve built with the two sets (plus three or four spare tiles I had left over from Urban Battlezones):




The boards the hard plastic Deadzone set created by Secret Weapon. They’re a W.I.P for me at the moment  I’ve undercoated them black and airbrushed on a first layer of grey.But more on these in a future blog post. Here’s a closer look at each the buildings above.

I’ve tried to build everything to look like a purposeful structure. This is a pumping station.



And a few months later, here it is painted 🙂

I particularly like the large pipe sections and the fact you can incorporate them into buildings with the quarter cube tiles provided.



The corrugated tiles work really well as wall or ceiling sections. The pipes leading from the main building to the tank on the left aren’t glued to the wall, so the pipe and tank can be removed for easier storage.



Next up, a mine shaft entrance with conveyor belt:


I cut one of the corrugated tiles in half diagonally to make the angled side panels. Nice and easy to do (scored the tile using a metal ruler and sharp craft knife) then cut the tile in two with a modelling saw.


The rear of the mine shaft has two of the giant fan tiles, which I reasoned would help provide air for further into the supposed mine.


The conveyor belt can also lead to this processing plant:


I can’t take any credit for this design, I’ve copied a design somebody else posted on the ‘Deadzone Fanatics’ Facebook page. I extended the left of the structure by an extra half cube to accommodate the size of the conveyor belt.


The conveyor just stops in mid air on this structure but I can position it alongside the mine entrance to form a complete belt, or I have a couple of resin skips from Ainsty Castings that I can position at the end of each separate section of belt as a receptacle for whatever’s being conveyed.


I found a good use for two cross section tiles and half cube tiles I had left over from earlier purchases and fashioned this gantry.



The thin support sections work well when embedded into other tiles.



I like this as it looks that bit different to the other things I’ve built.



I’ve constructed these two sections of pipe.  The larger pipes on the right look alarmingly cruciform, but I intend to buy another pack of these pipes to extend the pipework a little and make it look less regular in shape. I haven’t glued any of the cap sections in place yet for the same reason.


The smaller pipe sections can be standalone or work well when positioned alongside a two cube high building.


Running out of tiles now, so I dithered about whether to make two one cube structures of one two cube. I ended up going for the former:





I’ve more options for creating cover and blocking line of sight this way. I made a walkway and a standalone broken pipe section (the two generators just clip together and look great), which I intend to keep as separate parts, which allows me to combine them to good effect:


The last thing I built uses a few accessories left over from other Battlezone sets. I’ve had these two hydraulic arms laying around for a while now and was trying to figure out what to to with them. I wanted to create some kind of ‘power loader’ and was rifling through my bitz box when I saw a spare laser cannon and noticed that the column section can be fitted so it rotates. With a sudden rush of inspiration I built this:



Powerloader_Deadzone_Turn (2)Powerloader_Deadzone_Turn (1)Powerloader_Deadzone_Turn (3)Powerloader_Deadzone_Turn (4)Powerloader_Deadzone_Turn (5)

I clipped a ladder to fit in two places and provide some ‘realistic’ means of access and filed down one of the computer terminal connectors to use as a control panel.

Forward Observer N7-117helps to provide some scale here:


Okay, so the fact it can rotate is practically irrelevant in game terms, but for me, it gives plenty of points under the rule of cool 😉


UPDATE. October 2016

My Industrial Battlezone is finally sitting on my painting table. I’ve dones ome research into potential colour schemes and three colours stand out in actual real world examples; blue, yellow and grey. I liked that the yellow ties in with the rest of my battlezone, so I went with this colour scheme for the industrial pieces (and if you’ve been scrolling down from the top of this post, you’ll already have seen several examples of how it’s turned out.

Here were a couple of pieces W.I.P


And the same,now finished:


I’m pleased with the overall effect and happy that the blue colour I’ve used looks right to me.

Here’s a closer look at the pieces I’ve finished so far. First up, a one cube ‘electrical station’ building;











I painted the blue by undercoating on black, then airbrushing on an old Citadel colour I still have; ‘Nauseating Blue’. I kept this base coat quite thin, so some of the black still showed through. next I layered on Vallejo Model Colour Medium Blue 70.963. I washed on a watered down coat of Army Painter Strong Tone ink and once dry, drybrushed the edges with a lightened shade of the medium blue.

For weathering, I lightly airbrushed some brown paint along the bottom of each cube,to show an accumulation of dust and then edge-sponged on black around the edges to show where the blue paint had chipped off. Where the black edge sponging was quite noticeable, I edge-sponged on some gunmetal, to try and show where the paint had been scraped off the building down to the bare metal beneath.

The second one  cube structure could be a storage shed, or mine shaft entrance:




Left Side




Right Side



I’m particularly happy with how the hazard stripes turned out on the roof. My friend Andy bought all three of the Anarchy Models Deadzone stencil sets and as kindly loaned them to me to try out. They’re great and I highly recommend them. I also added the word ‘danger’ on the front of the previous one cube building and the arrow on the front of this one using these stencils. They’re going to come in very useful for other structures too (especially when i get around to painting my landing pad!.

Here’s one of the ‘generator’ pieces you get in the industrial battlezone sets. The hazard stripes on the right side of the top picture were again created using Anarchy stencils.


Lastly for now (until I have more industrial pieces painted), here’s some assorted close ups  showing the nice weathering effect that’s so easy to achieve using the edge-sponging technique:


Thanks for reading! 🙂


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10 responses to “Deadzone Industrial Battlezone

  1. mister c ⋅

    Brilliant. I particularly like the power loader, consider that idea stolen. Also its good that the buildings look to have purpose, not just there to block L.O.S.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gimgamgoo

    Great terrain and board. I’m really looking forward to seeing it painted up.

    Was this the same amount of terrain bags as the Lockdown pledge or double it?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Franck ⋅

    Nice stuff, thanks.
    All this new scenery does not appear yet on the Mantic shop site

    Liked by 1 person

    • No, this scenery has only just been sent out to people who backed the Kickstarter. I haven’t seen any dates for a retail release yet, but I would guess later this Summer 🙂


  4. Dan ⋅

    Fantastic. I only got a Quarantine pledge, but I have plenty of the previous battlezone stuff saved up. I’ll be stealing liberally from this blog post. You’ve come up with some great stuff here. Thanks!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You’re welcome, Dan. Thanks for the kind words and I’m very pleased if I’ve helped to inspire your own Battlezone builds. 🙂


  6. Jack ⋅

    Thanks for the inspiration. I have already got the mine shaft used in a campaign I am writing. I will also be stealing some of your ideas 🙂 Thank you very much.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. mister c ⋅

    Looking great,and I can’t wait to give it a try.
    When I get round to painting mine I will be referencing this, I might also add some orange as a tribute to the printing press where I once worked.

    Liked by 1 person

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