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Necromancer for Undead Kings of War Army

Here’s what I think is a fantastic Necromancer miniature, which I use in my Undead Army for Kings of War:




The miniature is a resin cast by Scibor, who make more than a few nice models. I particularly like the zombies that are emerging from the ground at the Necromancer’s feet and the way he’s patting one on the head like a faithful hound.

The Necromancer has a very characterful face and there’some nice sigils carved into the base of the sculpt. May seem like an odd thing to elaborate on, but I also like the ragged, worn edge of the Necromancer’s cloak. Very nice detail and overall; a joy to paint.

The model is more 30mm than 28mm, large even for heroic scale. He is a certainly larger than Mantic’s sculpts, but not so much that he looks out of place or outlandish when set up with the rest of the army.

I’ve based this miniature on a 40mm round resin base that has cracked earth detail and which I use for all of my character models.

Here’s a closer look at ‘Barry’ and ‘Larry’. Say hello to the nice people, boys.



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