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Power Loader Scenery for Deadzone


Here’s something I’ve cobbled together using parts from several Battlezones. I wanted to try and do something with the cool with the ‘grabber arms’ from the Urban Expansion D set, but was stuck for what to do with them.

Then I noticed the laser cannon fitting from the Defence Line set allowed the cannon to rotate and *boom*, to quote Stephen King, “My muse shat on my head.” I had a pretty much fully formed idea, all at once, of the grabber arms being fixed to a platform, allowing it to rotate using the laser cannon fitting and with platforms and barriers for the troopers to be able to stand on.

After half an hour or so of dry fitting and mild swearing, I cobbled together this ‘Power Loader’ (possibly made by the Tonka Corporation) which I’ve painted today.


Here’s some step by step photos I took as painting progressed (feel free to skip ahead for more photos of the finished piece).

Powerloader_Deadzone_Step_by_Step (1)

Vallejo Tank Ochre Airbrushed Over a Black Undercoat

Powerloader_Deadzone_Step_by_Step (2)

Vallejo Golden Brown Layered On 

Powerloader_Deadzone_Step_by_Step (3)

Citadel Sunburst Yellow Layered On & Metal Repainted Vellejo Gunmetal Grey

Powerloader_Deadzone_Step_by_Step (4)

Metal Washed with Army Painter Dark Tone Ink & Army Painter Strong Tone Ink Brushed Into the Recesses of the Yellow Areas For Shading

Powerloader_Deadzone_Step_by_Step (5)

Yellow Areas Drybrushed Firstly With Mix of Yellow & White and Secondly, Pure White

Powerloader_Deadzone_Step_by_Step (6)

Grime & Rust Edge Sponged on Using Vellejo Chocolate Brown and DryBrushed with Gunmetal Grey

Powerloader_Deadzone_Step_by_Step (7)

Details Such As Monitor and Buttons Painted. Job Done!

I’ve chosen a suitably ‘Industrial’ yellow for the Power Loader, but purposefully made it brighter than my Battlezone scenery, although I’ve made it look used and worn via edge sponging, a great technique I really like to use, as it’s easy, fast and I think it gives great results. I much prefer it over salt masking.

Here’s some basic shots of each of the Loader’s facings and top down:

Powerloader_Deadzone_Turn (2)Powerloader_Deadzone_Turn (3)Powerloader_Deadzone_Turn (4)Powerloader_Deadzone_Turn (1)Powerloader_Deadzone_Turn (5)

And here’s more interesting looks at some of the detail:

Firstly the grabber arms in all their glory. You get a good look at the edge sponging effect here, too. Note the red ‘Port’ lights on the right of the picture. The other side of the Loader has green lights for ‘Starboard’. Yes, I know it’s not a ship, but the lights just add a bit of colour to the whole shebang. 🙂

Powerloader_Deadzone_Detail (1)

Side on close up of the arms (told you there were green lights).;)

Powerloader_Deadzone_Detail (3)

Close up of the superb keyboard n’ console connector piece from the Industrial Battlezone set. I’ve added some transfers to the monitor for extra colour (you can’t read it but the message in blue under the skull reads ‘ Load Fail’ – seemed kinda appropriate) and a First Aid kit sign that I printed onto paper and PVA’d in place.

Powerloader_Deadzone_Detail (2)

Lastly, here’s Pete the Helpful Stage 2A  Plague to give a sense of scale to the Loader:


“The Tonka Corp RL 2000 Power Loader is THIS big!”


Thanks for reading 🙂


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  1. Very cool concept and execution. I may have to adapt something similar!

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