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Painted Scatter Scenery for Mantic Game’s Deadzone

Playing and really enjoying Deadzone V2 has inspired me to crack on with painting some scatter scenery to add colour and cover to my games.

Some of the barriers from the Defence Line and Fortified Battlezone  kits. I was going to paint these a utilitarian grey, but then there’s a whole load of roadworks on my commute to work, with lots of the orange plastic (water-filled?) barriers with white hazard markings on. So, I ditched the plan and went for an orange colour. These have come out paler than I envisioned after highlighting, but I’m still pleased with them. I’ll try and make other a deeper orange.



Some of the pipes from the Industrial Battlezone:


A (resin) empty skip:


I turned into a bit of a ‘skip spotter’ for a few days, noting the different colours and the patterns of rust on them, eventually settling for the dark red and yellow colour combo you see here (again based on some skips I saw on my commute to work). I’m very happy with how the edge sponged dirt and rust has turned out.


I noticed that the pattern of dirt at the bottom of the skip looked like to would contain some water effect just nicely and poured some in. it’s given a pleasing ‘stagnant rainwater’effect.



This second skip is a more interesting shape and has been sculpted full of dirt and detritus:



If you look carefully you’ll see some more water effect in the bucket at the top left of the skip:



I chose blue for the dumpster as none of my other Deadzone scenery (to date) has been painted that colour:


There’s lot of nice detail and texture in this sculpt:


The ATM is versatile piece of scenery, as it can be set up stood alone, flat against or as below, perpendicular to other scenery. just good for a bit of extra blocking of L.O.S.


I think the grey panel above the monitor looks too bland, so i’m going to find a suitable logo to print off and glue in place to brighten it up. I also have some waterslide transfers of various monitor readouts, so I’ll apply one of those to the screen too. (And yes, that is Agent Scully… )


The skips, dumpster and ATM are all resin kits by Ainsty Castings, who provide an excellent and inexpensive range of fantasy, modern and sci-fi scenery. Check out their website, there’s some lovely stuff.

Lastly, some of the crates and containers that come on the Battlezones accessory sprue. Great for adding a splash of colour to the battlezone and providing cover for your strike team.

I’ve tried to paint these crates so they appear to have lights on them (maybe they’re important supplies which have been dropped into the Deadzone..?):


These cylinders are nice and easy to paint and the sculpting on them really benefits from a wash to bring out the detail


In time I intend to add some warning signs to the yellow triangles on these containers. I’m not happy with the hand drawn ones on the red containers to the left:


All in all, some colourful extra pieces that add more character and cover to my games of Deadzone and in the case of the skips and dumpster, Mars Attacks and The Walking Dead:All Out War too!

Thanks for reading!



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2 responses to “Painted Scatter Scenery for Mantic Game’s Deadzone

  1. facz

    hi, great article !
    Sorry that you didn’t told us where you found those resins skips (i’d like to have some).


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