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Cthulhu Wars – The Ultimate Cthulhu Miniature & Hound of Tindalos

I backed Richard Luong’s Kickstarter to produce an artbook of his work and two new miniatures for Cthulhu wars- an Ultimate Cthulhu miniature and a Hound of Tindalos.

Richard’s superb artwork is one of the highlights of the Cthulhu Wars game for me. His designs are excellent and the full colour ‘mood’ work very absorbing and atmospheric.  I’ve bought  a print of his work from his website and so the chance to own a well designed, hardback book of his art was very interesting  to me. The fact that an exclusive Hound of Tindalos miniature (complete with rules for using it in the game) and an ‘Ultimate’ Cthulhu miniature were also available sealed the deal for me.

Uh oh! Looks like the stars are right…


I really like this design for Cthulhu. From the chitinous, armoured look on its forearms , chest, shoulders and legs, to the two sets of three eyes (hard to see in the photos) and the three tails.


I like the cyclopean ruins too and the way his tail is going into and emerging from the sea.


The wings are an interesting design. Fibrous and frilled on one side and leathery and layered on the other,


There’s another, very cool feature on the base of the miniature, that gives it a scary sense of scale. Take a look at the close up below, particularly the bottom left and note the sinking boat ( a cruise liner?). Cthulhu is (as it should be) terrifyingly huge.


Here’s the Ultimate Cthulhu miniature next to the original miniature from the Cthulhu Wars boxed game:


I like them both for different reasons, but I do think that the Ultimate miniature looks far more sinister.

Next up – the Hound of Tindalos. The Hounds are described as inhabiting the angles of time and can manifest through corners, appearing in a pall of smoke . Their creator, Frank Belknap Long, describes them as having “..lean, hungry bodies.” I think Richard’s design encapsulates all this brilliantly.





Here’s a few pages from the artbook to give you an idea of Richard’s style. Excellent stuff.



You can see the three eye design Richard has given Cthulhu in the picture below.


You can see more of Richard’s artwork on his very aptly named ‘Tentacles and Teeth’ Facebook page.

Thanks for reading!



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