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Forgotten City: Secret Weapon Tablescapes Tiles – Great for RPGs

I enjoy taking part in a Runequest campaign with my friends Graeme and Andy pretty much every week and in our last session the player characters found themselves in combat against Undead Aldryami (Elves) and some giant Undead tree/vegetation beastie.

Graeme was describing our surroundings when it suddenly struck me that my Forgotten City tiles would  make  a great board for us to use for the combat, with it being sectioned off into 1 inch squares. We usually use a wipe clean D&D battlegame board for combats, marking on any notable scenery with a non-permanent pen, but it only took a few minutes to grab my box of Tablescapes stuff, select a few boards and Graeme soon had my bag of trees put into place (teamwork!)and instead of a black and white gaming area with model trees, we had this:

Runequest  (4)

Much nicer looking and great to represent a forest floor. You can just make out the three adventurers at the top of the photo; Muna, warrior woman human follower of Vinga; Fulvus, a Duck Bard (yes, a Duck, it is Runequest after all), and Elendahl, a male barbarian and follower of Orlanth. You can see the best part of a dozen Undead Aldryami at the bottom of the picture. Graeme got some Games Workshop Dryads at a bargain price and they look just the part for the Aldryami. Here’s a closer look at one of them:

Runequest  (2)

Half of the dryads Graeme got at a bargain price had been painted up to a gaming standard, with the other half just basecoated, so I borrowed the lot, based them all in a uniform fashion and finished off the incomplete Dryads, attaching some oak leaves here n’ there. The Dryad/Aldryami above is one of the seven I finished up.

As well as the Aldryami, there was a larger Undead tree creature, which Graeme was representing with this fantastic resin beast:

Runequest  (3)

That’s a 28mm scale Muna in the foreground, giving you an idea of how big this beastie is! Sadly, we don’t know what range of miniatures it’s from or who manufactured it.

Combat was joined and the adventurous trio were triumphant, but Muna has inhaled some nasty spores released by the giant beastie as it was brought down.

The Forgotten City tiles looked great for this combat and I know we’ll be getting more use from them in our Runequest games in the future!

Runequest  (1)


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