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Ghoul Horde for Kings of War

Here’s my Horde of Ghouls for Mantic Games’ Kings of War. This was one of the first units I painted and had ever multi-based,so I spent some time before I started basing them determining what the best configuration of bases was so that I could use the miniatures as four Troops,Two Regiments or one Horde, whilst still being able to have an obvious unit champion for each.

Ghouls  (2)

Ghouls  (1)

At the same time I was planning these ghouls I was also planning my Skeleton Regiment.I decided that I’d keep the Skeletons very simple, with no unit fillers, to make them look more regimented and organised than the Ghouls.

I like the way the ghouls have quite low stances and I wanted to try and get the feel of them slinking through a graveyard, over tombs and around gravestones; looking like more of a pack than a unit. I’d bought some of the Renedra gravestones and had a tomb from  a certain old board game that’d been in my bitz box for years (and years and years),so decided to make use of them. The graveyard theme ties in nicely with my Horde of Zombies, too.

Whilst I was browsing on Reaper’s website, I’d seen a great looking model that I thought would be ideal as a unit champion, stood atop a pile of bones and in a very commanding pose. Happily, the gravestone on the left in the picture below (from Games Workshop’s Garden of Morr set) has roses sculpted onto it, which ties in nicely with my army’s white rose theme:

Ghouls  (8)

Ghouls  (9)

Ghouls  (10)

I reasoned that the ghouls probably spent most of their time hunting or scavenging at night or lurking in their burrows, so they would have pale, almost white skin. Also, they wouldn’t be too hot on personal hygiene and so their hands/claws would be stained red with blood from their meals.

Ghouls  (5)

Ghouls  (4)

Ghouls  (3)

An old 15mm rat swarm came in useful too, if you can spot it in the photo below (on the fallen gravestone in front of the second Ghoul fro the left).

Ghouls  (6)

Ghouls  (7)

I like the nasty little details of the savage piercings in the Ghoul’s limbs and torsos. Maybe they have lost so much of their humanity, that self-mutilation is now one of the few ways they can feel anything.

Ghouls  (11)

Hard to see in the photo below,but I spent some time fiddling with making one of the ‘Freddy Kruger’ gauntlets fit the Ghouls’ other hand , thumb and all, so he has left and right handed death mittens.

Ghouls  (12)

The Ghoul on the right in the photo below reminds me of one of the cannibals from the original 1977 version of ‘The Hills Have Eyes (played by Michael Berryman).
Ghouls  (13)

Ghouls  (14)

Ghouls  (15)

All in all, I think that Mantic’s Ghouls are great miniatures, very characterful. They’re compatible with the Zombie sprues too (one or two pieces of which have found their way into this Horde of Ghouls).

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