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“Undead Aldryami” for Runequest RPG

My friend Graeme runs a 2nd Edition Runequest campaign that myself and my mate Andy have enjoyed playing for a couple of years now. In the current adventure we’re up against undead Aldryami. Aldyami are the Elves in the world of Glorantha (where our campaign is set) and unlike Tolkien or most other fantasy elves, they are not creatures of flesh and blood, but rather plant, leaf and wood.

We’ve encountered undead versions of the more ‘regular’ man-sized Aldryami, smaller knee -high creatures, all thorns and sharp edges and one or two large, tree-sized Aldryami creatures. Graeme has been representing the latter with this superb miniature;  “The Weed” by Crooked Dice Game Design.

It’s a resin model and it has a great level of detail on it. has some great detail on it. Even though I have a painting table full of other projects I’m currently partway through (namely a unit of Mummies for Kings of War and my Secret Weapon Deadzone boards) I thought that this miniature was so good, and may be used so little after this adventure; that it would be great to get it painted up so any further appearances can be in colour.

One conversation with Graeme (to make sure we were on the same wavelength re a colour palette) and a weekend of hobby time later and I had it finished. Here’s three photos each of the front and back, showing the miniature based and undercoated (with some greenstuff textured to blend the resin cast in with its plastic base), with the base colours airbrushed on and finally fully painted and with base details complete:


I’ve painted the body in mainly dark green and brown colours, with more vivid colours (based on real world funghi) for the various growths encrusting the creature. Graeme said he’s like some purple to be in the mix somewhere, so I painted the large pustule -like growth on its torso in purple, to act as a focus point, almost a face, and picked out other spherical growths on its body in the same purple.

I thought the tentacles looked delightfully organic, so painted them in a rubbery mushroom/flesh colour , made an effort to highlight them and coated them in gloss varnish (with the rest of the creature covered in matt varnish) to try and enhance their already icky look.

Overall,I’m very happy with how the ‘swamp thing’ has turned out and more importantly, Graeme is too. Now Andy and I just have to hope that neither of our player characters fall prey to a freshly painted Undead Aldryami beastie!

You can see what we’re using for the man-sized Undead Aldryami in this previous blog post.

To finish off, here’s a look at either side of the big beastie, in all its writhing tentacular glory!

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