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Greebo Games Un-Renaissance Undead Miniatures

I’d never heard of Greebo Games until a few months ago. They’re an Italian company who manufacture a wide range of Fantasy Football miniatures and several other lines for other companies. Then one day, whilst browsing on Kickstarter, their ‘Un-Renaissance’ line came up as a recommendation. The concept art and CG sculpts looked amazing and I immediately saw use for many of their miniatures in my Kings of War Undead army.

Take a look for yourself and quite possibly prepare to be blown away by some amazing miniatures. You may want to go and make a cuppa to enjoy whilst you read this. It’s a bumper blog post!

WARNING one of these sculpts involves nudity and has a sexual element to it. (Bet you’re scrolling down to find that one first now, aintcha..?)

First up, the concept art for Savonarola, from Greebo’s  Kickstarter campaign:


And the finished metal figure:


And from the back…


And side. This superb figure is going to be used as a Necromancer for my Kings of War Undead army. The flames will be the sickly green colour I use for necromantic energy.


Next – ‘The Pope’. This was the first figure I saw in Greebo’s Kickstarter campaign and I instantly knew i wanted it. Firstly, the concept art:


And the finished miniature. I think a great job has been done in making a 2D concept to 3D ‘life’ (or undeath). He’ll make a superb Liche King for my army.



Next up is a real triumph, and my second favourite miniature of the campaign: Copernico:


Now, this was a sunovabitch to assemble, but well worth the work (bit of green stiff required here n’ there, but ignore the gaps and look at the glory!)


My gut instinct is to use him as a Standard Bearer (possibly classed as mounted due to all the swirling magical energy) but he’d make a great Necromancer too. No reason why I can’t use him as either from one game to another.




I took some step by step photos as I assembled Copernico, so they’ll make their way onto the vault as their own blog post in the not too distant future.

Next, my flat out favourite miniature (well, more of a bigature really) and the one I made the warning about earlier:  Lucrezia Borgia:


I think this beautifully rendered miniature is very disturbing with it’s blend of eroticism and horror. (Lucrezia is bare breasted, the naked zombies are entwined together; one is clearly sucking the breast of another and it appears that one is performing an act of fellatio…). This is going to be… interesting to paint!


Due to the footprint of the model, Lucrezia isn’t very practical as a Hero miniature for my army, but she would make a superb Vampire or Lady Ilona. practically she may be better in a regiment or horde of Zombies. Decisions, decisions…


Next, a Necromancer, who will ‘do what it says on the tin’ in my army:


You’ll see by now how consistently good Greebo are at realising their concept art. I did get a sprue of arms (as per the concept art above) with this figure; I forgot to put them in the photo.


The Vitruvian golem, who will be front and centre of a regiment or horde of Zombies:




Alexander, who will of course be a Vampire for my army (I love the clothing on this sculpt)




Dante, who would have been great as part of one of my regiments of Wraiths, but who will instead serve as a Revenant King.



I like the gribblies on his base.


Giotto, who will make a fine Necromancer for my army:



And finally, some Cheerleaders, or as they’ve come to be nicknamed ‘Cheerlewders’. Not really sure I have a use for these in my army, but they’re fun sculpts.




Just realised that I also have two little ‘Dead Dudes’ and two markers as well, which I haven’t photographed yet. The Dead Dudes will make good fillers for a unit of zombies. The markers, like the Cheerlewders, are lovely, but I don’t really have a use for them in my army.

But what a great selection of new miniatures I do have for my Undead Army. It’ll take me a long time to get round to painting all of them, but Lucrezia, Copernico and Savonarola will be amongst the first up on the paint table. More blog posts as they get painted 🙂

You can visit Greebo’s website here. However, I don’t think these Un -Renaissance miniatures are in their shop just yet. You can see their Kickstarter campaign here. I didn’t buy all of the miniatures available through the Kickstarter, so there’s many more for you to discover there.

Thanks for reading! 🙂



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  1. davekay

    I had to restrain myself from going in for the same Kickstarter, but it’s great to see the models came through. It can be hard sometimes, buying on concept art, but not here! I may visit their store once the team goes up, especially their skeletons.

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