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Painted Undead Army for Kings of War

Happy Birthday to Me,

Happy Birthday to Me,

Happy Birthday Dear Vault of the Undead,

Happy Birthday to Me!

It just struck me the other day that I created this Vault of the Undead blog in September 2015, so it’s just celebrated its 1st birthday. Crikey, tempus fugit indeed.

By way of a minor celebration, I’ve done a quick photo shoot of all of the painted units that comprise my Undead army for Kings of War. This is the first time I’ve actually laid them all out to take a photo of the whole army – ta -dah!:


Here’s a closer look at all of the units in turn.

First up, some heroes. From left to right below you have a Necromancer, my Vampire army general Lady Melantha and a Revenant King:


A Cursed Pharoah, Mounted Standard Bearer and Mounted Necromancer:


And a second Mounted Necromancer and a Mounted Revenant King:


Next, we’re into the regiments. Skeletons with hand weapons:


Skeletons Spearmen:




And Revenants with Two-Handed Weapons (converted from Basilean Paladins):


Revenant Cavalry:




Wights (Reaper Barrow Warden miniatures):


Zombie Trolls:


First regiment of Werewolves:


And a second:


Tarpit time! A Hordeof Zombies:


And a horde of Ghouls:


Hang on! Who does that whoppin’ great big tail behind the Ghouls belong to? Kaladrax, my army centre piece (aka flippin’ huge) Undead Dragon:


From the huge to a small, but nonetheless deadly; troop of Soul Reaver Infantry:


And their support; a battery of Balefire Catapults:


And a Vampire on Undead Dragon:


And lastly, because I realise haven’t posted any pictures of her on this blog before- my Undead Army General; The Lady Melantha:


Hey, when your skin is nearly as hard as iron, you don’t need to wear lots of heavy armour. And if you’ve got it, flaunt it; right? May distract the enemy. Besides – who says the Undead can’t be at least kinda sexy..?


She does look rather disapproving, eh?


Hopefully, seeing a whole army image and then one unit after another, you’ll notice some of the unifying themes of the army.

I’ve chosen a vibrant, sickly green as the colour for the necromantic energies. Of my two Mounted  Necromancers; one is covered in green flames and wields a and carried this colour over in a paler tint, to the colour of my unit of Wraiths and two-handed staff with necromantic fire in a skull at the end. The other is surfin’ zombie style, with two lanterns behind him fuelled by the same green energy.The payload of the Balefire Catapults, the Revennat King’s Orb and the standards of both the Skeleton  regiments also utilise the same necromantic energy. The runes on Lady Melantha’s sword glow with it too, as do the eyes of the Revenant cavalry’s mounts.

The army sigil is a white rose (which there’s a story behind), so you’ll see the motif on shields and the standard bearer. Also, if you look closely, you’ll see some white roses on the bases of the Ghoul and especially on the Zombie Horde.

Thirdly, the stonework is all (kinda) a  Yorkshire stone colour; golden rather than grey. You see this most on the Zombies and Ghouls, but also on the bases of the Werewolves, Wights, Wraith, Vampire Queen and Revenant King.

Well, I think this post is now long enough.

As always; thanks for reading! 🙂



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4 responses to “Painted Undead Army for Kings of War

  1. Carl Hendrickson ⋅

    Fantastic work….really amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. davekay

    That is a great Kaladrax, and nice work on the army, which is an impressive group!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you, Dave. I really enjoyed painting Kaladrax and I think it shows. 🙂


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