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Revenant King Takes First Place in Painting Competition

My friendly local gaming store here in Huddersfield, IQ Games, announced the results of their painting competition today.

There were four categories, three of which I entered; ‘Single Miniature’; ‘Bigature’ and ‘Diorama’. The fourth category was ‘My First Painted Miniature’, which I couldn’t enter, as I’ve been painting for some time now! I entered my Revenant King into the ‘Single Miniature’, Kaladrax into the ‘Bigature’ and my Zombie Horde into the ‘Diorama’.


Single Miniature Entries: My Revenant King is in the 2nd column form the left, at the back.


Diaoramas: My Zombie Horde is on the far left.


Bigatures: I think you can spot the Giant Undead Dragon!

The competition was judged by artist Ralph Horsley, who has painted many Magic the Gathering cards and also the cover for the latest Kings of War rulebook.

When all the prize winning miniatures were set out on display I  was initially a little disappointed when I saw that Kaladrax wasn’t amongst them, but then I clocked that my Revenant King was! And a few minutes later, it was announced as the winner of the Single Miniature category. :p


The Revenant King (WINNER!) 🙂


Revenant King & The Other One

This was the first painting competition I’ve ever entered, so I’m properly chuffed to have won something! First prize was five pots of paint of my choice , so I was able to get some of the new Citadel Air paints ready to use on my Deadzone battlezones (and as I spent £6 entering three categories, I’m quids in too 🙂 )

Plus I had fun chatting with the other painters who were waiting alongside me in the FLGS for the results and also Ralph; who mentioned that he started off by painting miniatures and first did his ‘2d’ paintings using the acrylics he had for his miniatures.


Several of the Winners (Yours truly 2nd left) with Ralph Horsley Stood on the Right

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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4 responses to “Revenant King Takes First Place in Painting Competition

  1. davekay

    Congrats! I like the miniatures, and it must have been great to meet Ralph Horsley.

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  2. mister c ⋅

    Well done ser.

    (next time…)

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