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Deadzone: Fortified Battlezone Bunker.

This bunker was one of the first things I built and painted using my battlezone tiles (I just realised I hadn’t featured it in a blog past yet).


I undercoated the bunker in black and then applied hairspray and salt before layering on grey. I used salt masking for the first few buildings I painted, until I tried edge-sponging and found it a much more enjoyable technique to use.


I recently added the yellow chevrons and  “Keep Clear” warning sign using Anarchy Model’s Deadzone stencils loaned to me by my amigo Andy.


Looking at the bunker now, it looks far too clean to me, so I’m going to apply some edge sponging to it soon to make it look far more weathered. The brown marks are supposed to be laser burns – but I’m not sure I’m happy with how they turned out.


I’m happy with the weathering on the walkway – I tried to make it look like accumulated dust from many boots.


I’ll add more photos soon when I’ve applied the edge sponging.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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