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Urban Streets: Secret Weapon Tablescapes Tiles

With Mantic Game’s ‘The Walking Dead: All Out War’ and ‘Warpath’ Kickstarter projects due to be delivered soon (update – I’ve just got my Walking Dead pledge, but more on that in another post soon) I’ve spent some time recently looking into the variety of excellent battlemats that are available.

By ‘battlemat’ I mean vinyl or “mousemat” material, 2d printed roll ’em out flat and use ’em gaming mats such as those produced by Deepcut Studios. Some of these mats look absolutely awesome and they’re at very competitive prices. I was all but certain I’d end up buying a 6ft x 4ft mat for Warpath and a smaller mat for the walking dead. BUT.

I just kept thinking to myself that the mat was a static design. Okay, I can arrange scenery on the mat differently each time to give good variety to my gaming experience, but it would still be the same mat, no matter how nice, each and every time.

I think I’ve been spoilt in my fantasy wargaming by the superb Rolling Fields and Forgotten City Tablescapes tiles I have from Secret Weapon. But at circa £180 for a 6ft x 4ft gaming area, these tiles are expensive.  BUT. They offer so much variety in how I can set up my table. And they look SO. NICE.

So – no more buts. Having saved up some money I bit the bullet and ordered myself a 6ft x 4ft set of Secret Weapon’s ‘Urban Streets (Clean)’ Tablescapes Tiles from their main UK stockist; Mantic Games. Wow. Talk about money well spent. They look great!

Currently just being grey plastic, they’re tricky to photograph in a way that shows the detail these tiles have, but here’s a look at each of the different tile designs  got in my set.

The first has a pavement/sidewalk running around all four sides, with a plain central area that will be great for setting up buildings and ruins. I toyed with the idea of buying he Damaged Urban strets set instead of the clean. The level of the damage detail on those tiles is marvellous, but I thought the the craters and piles of rubble may make it more tricky to set up buildings and walls on the tiles, with their surfaces being more uneven. If you look closely at these ‘Clean’ Urban streets, you’ll see they have a pleasing level of low level damage anyway – cracks and chips here and there.


A paved ‘town square’.


Straight road section (love the manhole cover and grates).


A second straight road section.




T junction.


Straight road section with huge grille/grate.


And lastly, another straight road section with (you can see the piece separatley t the top of the photo) a “working” security barrier. This can be fixed into place and will then lie flat against the road surface or can be raised up to a 90 degee angle, forming a barrier, and lowered flat again. a nice touch.


This photos isn’t too great, but yo may be able to see that there’s a central road running down the length of the area, with side streets coming off to the left and right.


Here’s a photo from Mantic Game’s Warpath kickstarter campaign, which has their superb Battlezone scenery set up on Clean Urban Streets tiles. It might give you  a better idea of how cool these tiles look.

tablescapes-warpathI’ve got a lot of painting to do to get these tiles done, but I have some time booked off over Christmas, so am planning to try and kick it in the ass then. Y’never know, I may get started sooner than that.Updates as it happens.

Thanks for reading!


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