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The Walking Dead All Out War Gaming Board, Renders and New Miniatures

I enjoyed visiting Mantic HQ for their November 2016 Open Day last weekend. I had a good chat with their photographer Ben Sandum, who was standing watch over this rather fine The Walking Dead All Out War layout. I hope my Tablesacpe Clean Urban Street tiles look as good when I’ve painted them:


Tyreese, Chris and Julie prepare to fend out some walkers (I love the paintjob on the car in the foreground…)


The Atlanta camp under attack!


The Dead walk..!


Rick and Glenn making their way across the rooftops.


Michonne, her “pets” and Otis (IIRC)


Things don’t look good, for Rick or his horse!


Road to nowhere…


One of the display cases had these rather fantastic new sculpts of Rick and Negan. I LOVE this version of Rick, Straight off the pages of the comic book:


These renders were also displayed on a monitor slideshow. What a superb sculpt of Dale!



I initially didn’t know who this last sculpt was supposed to be, but now know it’s Clemantine,from the Tell Tale Game’s TWD videogame.


It looks like there’s a heckuva lot of new releases coming our way next year for this game. I for one am looking forward to finding out all about them!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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