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Deadzone Plague Stage 1

I’ve finally plucked up the will to finish a Plague Stage 1 mutant for my Deadzone Plague strike team.

I started work o this about a year ago, finished he base coat and applied a wash and this is where things went a little pear shaped. IIRC I used Army Painter Dark Tone instead of Strong or Soft and the boney protrusions on the Stage 1 ended up looking far too dark.

I gamely went ahead with layering on highlights,but it just looked like a mess to me, so I left it in a box under the bed for quite some time.

I’ve recently enjoyed playing several games of Deadzone V2 with my amigo Chris (whose blog you can see here) and had been taking  a Stage 3A general. Feeling inspired by these games, i dug out my Stage 1a and set about repainting him. I’m about 80% happy with the finished resulkt, but itlooks a lot better than it did.

Here’s the “Man” of the moment:


I’ve never been a fan of the Plague’s grey and pink look from Deadzone V1 and have been painting mine in a combination of dark, ruddy flesh and bone colours.

The Stage 1 is a joy to paint, with so much fine detail, including skin and sinew stretched over muscle and the spikey bone carapace.A fantastic sculpt.

When considering my colour palette, I’ve gone for dark red muscle, with dark skin tones for the skin/sinew stretched over it. You can see this best on the back of the upper arms in the photo below.


I finally got a bone colour I was happy with by using a base coat of Vallejo Dark Sand, washed with Army Painter Soft Tone ink. I carefully added some Dark Tone ink into the deepest recesses.

I highlighted the Dark Sand first with Army Painter Skeleton Bone and then a mix of Skeleton Bone and pure white.A final wash of Soft tone ink was carefully added here and there to add more depth.

The skin/sinew was painted using an old pot of Citadel Dwarf flesh I still have and the muscle beneath that was Vallejo Dark Red. Both were washed with Army Painter Strong Tone ink and then drybrushed with lighter shades of the base colours.

I coated the base with PVA glue and covered it with some children’s play sand I got from Argos (big bag that’ll last forever and really cheap), a piece of plastic I beam purchased from my local model shop , and couple of bits of rubble clipped for an old sprues – all to make the large blank base look a bit more interesting.


I have another two Stage 1As (thank you Kickstarter), so now i know how to better go about it, I’ll try and improve upon this paint job using the same colour palette and I intend to try and convert the third to make it look far more dynamic, although I’m not quite sure in what way yet. Rending some poor unfortunate in two might be a good way to go.


Thanks for reading! 🙂


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  1. RVA

    It was a long time ago, when you posted something about deadzone 🙂


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