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Deadzone Plague Stage 2A Leapers

My Stage 1 Plague Lord now has an honour guard in the form of three Plague Stage 2A ‘Leapers’.

I love the design of these guys, with the external carapace and the really defined musculature.the level of detail means they’re great fun to paint.

I’ve painted these 2As with a ruddy flesh colour as an extrapolation of a normal human skin hue, but bruised, twisted and running hot as the Plague mutagen ravages their system. The carapaces are painted as bone. I was never fond of the original Deadzone colour scheme of pink flesh and grey/ivory carapace and decided to go with a more natural palette instead. I much prefer the look of the Plague in Deadzone v2 and Warpath rulebooks, with the flesh and bone colours.

Here’s the first 2A (in my head he’s been dubbed “Huggy”)



The second 2A (dubbed “Wavy”). This 2A comes with  a barricade that he’s leaping over (appropriate as Stage 2As are also known as “Leapers” in the official Mantic Fluff). I replaced the barricade with a spare piece of the ruined battlezone, to which I added a few bits of ‘sprue rubble’ (pieces of plastic roughly clipped from leftover sprues).


There’s great detail on the carapace of this 2A.


And the third, (code name “Scowler”, or quite possibly “Boss-Eyes”) painted and photographed a couple of months after the two above.

Deadzone_Plague_2A (1)

Deadzone_Plague_2A (3)

Deadzone_Plague_2A (2)

I have two more copies of all three sculpts, so will be doing some converting to try and end up with 9 different-looking 2As, if only subtly.

Here’s the Plague Lord and two of his bodyguard. Not what you want to see barrelling towards you across a Deadzone!


Thanks for reading! 🙂


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2 responses to “Deadzone Plague Stage 2A Leapers

  1. RVA

    I think, a lot of deadzone fans with interesting will look to conversion of 2a.
    My favorite army are enforcers, but some time ago, bought to be foes, plague army eats more my free time

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